DRAWDOWN IN FOREX TRADING (Risk / Money Management / Behavioural Economics)


  1. Go BIG or go home…well, more often than not, you're not even going to have a home to go back to. Managed risk and asymmetrical risk/reward.

  2. i hit the like button b4 i even began watching because i wanted to know more about drawdown from your how much money do you need to start forex

  3. hi, is forex trading similar with stock trading?

    That you have to wait for stock price hike before selling it ?

  4. Can someone explain me how a high drawdown affects? Does it affect my profits? Will I be able to get profits while on drawdown or until my account stabilizes? I am new to all this and learning. Thanks beforehand!

  5. I laughed when I heard the rude guy's comment which sparked the video. his incompetence of the fundamentals is astounding– ignorant of the basic components of a trading system. if he was holding a lost position, he was wrong. if he eventually profited from it, then it was luck. he has no edge.

  6. Finally a channel with some unfiltered honest talking, and not just another Tim Sykes rip-off! Does the full Duomo course focus on FOREX more than anything else ? Great vids mate, keep it up.

  7. Lol this is very random but you have such full eyelashes lol. It looks like you're wearing eyeliner. I'm jelly

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