Forex Trading: The REAL Reason Why Most Traders Fail


  1. Connor from The Boiler Room, Rayner Teo, and Steven from The Trading Channel are my top three go-to guys on youtube in no particular order.

  2. Hi Rayner, did you study under or with Adam Khoo? I am taking his courses and you both share very similar strategies, approaches, and vernacular. Just curious. Thanks.

  3. This is superb! You always come in handy and I get exactly what I need from your materials and videos, thanks Rayner for your generosity!!

  4. I agree with you rayner. In addition, the edge you are talking about is simply Risk and Reward Management which is about making more money when you are right than when you are wrong. So its still stands that the reason people fail in trading is because they dont understand the full impoertance of RISK AND REWARD MANAGEMENT. Rayner, Risk Management you talked about in the beginnng of your video is actually called Money Management- the pecentage of your Capital Under management you risk per trade. Risk mAanagement is simply about the placement of your stop loss on your chart which is the distance in pips from your entry price to your stop loss price.

  5. you are talking the biggest load of shit. if you have a good trading strategy the outcome is not random like you say and try and illustrate by talking about randomness and tossing a coin. the two do not equate

  6. Not all humans have bad memory. My girlfriend still brings up shit i did 10 years ago 😝😝

    Great video brother.

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