11. How to Trade the Wedge Chart Pattern Like a Pro Part 1


  1. WTF? What is the difference between the triangle and the wedge? like he literally drew what would have been considered a triangle in his triangle video…

  2. David, the way you explained it is very good, but your wedge at @2:38 looks like the triangle continuation pattern. Wedges and triangles confuse people though.

  3. Agreed, excellent video collection, love your work. Think you meant to say bearish instread of bullish trend around the 2.33 mark though? Had me confused for a little while…

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  8. Hi, may i ask what is the difference between continuation and reversal pattern?I find it hard to differentiate them in your presentation

  9. I know these are brief videos of technical analysis but how does wedge patterns and time relate. maybe a trading example of when to trade in and out of a wedge and are there targets like H&S patterns? thanks for the vid

  10. Hey David, just want to let you know what you have uploaded on to youtube is probably one of the best things ever uploaded to youtube and very informative for anybody on any level of knowledge on markets. Absolutely amazing and simplified videos!

  11. Hey Dave, I am new to investing and have found your tutorials very helpful; however would you mind explaining where you draw the wedge lines. I am unclear with this… Are the lines support and resistance lines that just contract? Thanks again!!

  12. Hello David, thanks for your series of excellent videos.I am interested if you have any statistics on the various techniques that you mention.For example what percent of the time does a falling wedge lead to a trend reversal etc.?

  13. How about riding the pattern with a good entry point and with a stop just above/below depending on the course of the pattern?

  14. Hey TheProphiting,
    This is one of Dave's older almost oldest videos. I think he has improved quite a bit from when he started, but I will forward your comment on to him.


  15. who are u man…you know..nobody is compelling you to follow up. There are other videos in youtube..just get there out…leave us. we know how to trade/talk/walk and dump

  16. LOL… The Falling Wedge continuation pattern: continuation of the uptrend – yeah, after it retraces 100% of its uptrend! Personally, I wouldn't call that a continuation of the uptrend! In fact, when it got back up to its top, where it supposedly is continuing up from, it found resistance and turned back down! LOL…

  17. Hi JeffreyOsb, Thanks for the comment and for watching I am glad you like the videos. I am not familiar with funnel lines, are you referring to channel lines? Best Regards, Dave

  18. Hello David, great tutorials. I've been watching all of them and I'm going to keep following up on the rest. This question isn't related to the wedge but simply is there a good application that you can recommend for drawing funnel lines? I can generally tell with my eye where they stand but it's always easier to physically see them.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi aasyraf,

    I mispoke there when I said bullish. My apologies will correct in the next version thanks for pointing that out. Best Regards, Dave

  20. Hi Evgenykravchenko, Thanks for the comment. As with any tool in technical analysis I think most traders would say you could use this on any time frame. As a general rule however the longer the time frame a pattern is found on the more relevant it is thought to be. Hope that helps. Best Regards, Dave

  21. thanks for the response and i would like to say i like u r videos a lot . anytime i ll have a question contact u .
    jawad Morocco 🙂

  22. Hi Afellatjawad, Thanks for the comment. They do not have to touch all the tops and bottoms in a trend however you need at least two points to draw the lines off of. The lines also do not have to be exact but should be as close to the top or bottom of the trend as possible. Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions. Best Regards, Dave

  23. pls dave , i would like to understand the way u draw those two lines .should they across all the tops and bottoms of a trend ??, thanks

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