Becoming A Full Time FOREX Trader


  1. Man this is awesome bro! Congrats on taking the next step towards financial freedom. Keep doing your thing!

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  3. I automatically vote thumbs down on all trading views. They are all shady marketing charlatans and degenerate gamblers.

  4. I don’t trade forex it’s interesting I like to learn other sides of the market so I clicked this….. the intro is FIRE!!!!!!!

  5. How come you have more beard than your hair? Lolz I'm kidding bro, I like watching your journey videos. Keep it up!

  6. I don’t trade forex but I occasionally pop in and watch your video’s because I like your style, inspiration and I respect your journey. Congratulations on taking the next step and becoming a full time trader!!!!!! You’ve done everything right to prepare for this very big step. You are such an entertaining and classy man, love that about you. Im not flirting, I mean that with respect to you and your family. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!! Go Make That Paper!!!

  7. Great video , the message you are sending and the actions your taking too 💯. Appreciate you brother 💯💯

  8. Jay my man, am very proud of you. What a bold step. U are actually going out of ur mind(i.e going beyond ur comfort zone) to break the limit reaching the top. Happy for you.

    Wants to know, is there a book called "baby pips" & how can I get it including "trading in the zone". Thanks man.

  9. Eish me too bro l feel the same like l am missing out on markets because of sleeping when l am from work

  10. I felt this on a personal level, ever since I've been taking the steps to understand and master forex, I've noticed that I have been losing friends, watching less tv and reading more self improvement books. Not saying that it's a good thing, but my friend's don't have the same mindset as me, and probably think I'm silly or crazy for doing this.. Watching your videos is straight motivation for me to keep pushing to one day have financial freedom. Can't wait to see whats in store for me…

  11. wow man congrats… I always wished I could've done this.. ideally Id love to work from home 3/5 days in the week so I can trade NY n London.

  12. Good going jay
    Keep progressing sir
    Big inspiration to me since u started this channel ✊🏿

  13. Hi Jay, I am stiil working right now and you made me inspired about what to do & focusing to our goal…Congrats Jay…you have won a great battle in your live….

  14. Why do you say you are missing out on Money? I only ask because forex is 24 hrs 6 days a week. And you can set automatic entry, exit and take profits points. So if set up your trades Sunday night. You can do pretty good for the week.

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