Best Forex Trading Strategies That Work


  1. I am struggling and my small account is diminishing. Please share to me your best strategy that you are using.

  2. Berry, I loved that you showed us a real scenario of market psychology and outlined a real workable plan in the Forex.

  3. Well explained!
    I started trading by just doing it, of course gathering some basic information first. Trying to find a simple system and improving it over time.
    For me, long term trades seem to be way more effective, trading up to 3 weeks for getting good results.

    Happy trading!

  4. I’ve also blown up 3 different accounts, each one 1000 dollars. bought all the tim Sykes dvds, been in tons of trading rooms and been trading for 3 years. None of their methods seem to ever work. They just make money from membership sales. Any advice for real help. Thanks

  5. In theory but what if you short the double top and it tests agin for a triple and you get screwed so you sell and then wait and try to short the triple, the price looks like it’s going to drop so you short and it breaks out and you get screwed again. This is how trading usually ends up for me. Any advice for finding stocks that aren’t manipulated. Every single damn time I enter a position it goes the opposite direction unless I’m paper trading. Such a scam as a retail trader, maybe it’s just forex and technical analysis doesn’t work as well for it. Thanks for the video.

  6. Im still new at forex. Im interested in learning; i have been watching your videos and wanted to know whether you have a facebook page one could join?

  7. Have been using a "personal" strategy for 6 months. Am quite happy with that. The interesting point is I just found how similar my strategy is to that introduced here (not completely though).

  8. hey guys i just started trading and i have a little knowledge on trading…. i need help and if there is any group or platform i would be happy if i can be added on…..thanks

  9. I can create a robot to trade this strategy automatically for you inside of metatrader. If you're interested then send me an email or reply to this comment and I can send you the file

  10. Very simple strategy and I use something similar myself – I just add Bollinger Bands and some moving averages.

    Buying at support and selling at resistance offers the best low risk trades. I'm still on my journey to becoming a successful trader, so it's nice to see I'm on the correct road.

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