Bitcoin Running Out of Bullish Momentum | Enjin Analysis | Ethereum Analysis


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    1:00 Bitcoin Analysis
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  2. Carl I want to know if you use any trading software like profit trailer etc and if yes then what indicators you use to buy and sell

  3. Thanks for your great analysis! Could you pleas provide your Indicator settings? I can't see them in your videos. Thanks a lot!

  4. Everyone keeps mentioning that we are going down according to elliot wave theory we will retest 3100 level and break below it and reach 2400-1800 levels in few months. Can you do a video on this Carl?

  5. Also, Etherium is in limbo, if you think it's going to take down BTC, Never. I have lots of alt coins , but BTC rules.

  6. FUD: a word created by Hoddlers who HOPE price will go up. Get with the program. Invest in cryptos but do not get emotionaly attached.If your an investor hold, if your a trader trade. We all come out with gains for the most part. Thanks Carl.

  7. I swear there are 25-30 people who youtube hired to dislike every single video ever made lmao j/k but seriously it never fails there are some grumpy people in this world.

  8. love your videos mate, youre the ONLY tuber i watch to learn from, id like to buy you a drink or two one day!

  9. Hello Karl, first of all thank you for all your videos, I don't have too much time to follow crypto vloggers, but I narrowed it down to just you, I watch your videos every day. I have a question I hope you can answer. I've been in Enjin from about the .000042 level and saw it climb to .000063. You said don't FOMO and take profit, so when I saw the first signs of a big dump I stepped out at .000057 and I was happy, because as you predicted there would be a correction, however as you showed today with the Fibonacci sequence it should be going back to arround 35-40, but it keeps going between 47-53 today.

    My question is, is this a sign of stability and a new base, or do you think it's going to have another downwards correction. As you say don't trade with your emotions and I don't want to because my emotions tell me to re-invest at around .000049 but I'm afraid that it's technicaly a bad move? Please can you give me some advice?

    A true fan!

  10. I dont understand shorting. I always get liquidated even when it goes down. I mean, can you trade without shorting?

  11. Hi, i see there is talks about BTC forming a Cup and handle. Can you maybe talk about the possibility of it in tomorrow video. Thanks

  12. Would someone help me answer a question that I have never found the answer too? I am not a day trader and just want to buy some Bitcoin for the long term. Right now, Bitcoin is around $3,900. as of March 10th, 2019. If I buy say, 1 Bitcoin at this price but the market could still potentially fall lower. If it double bottomed at $3100 or even went lower before it rises again. My Bitcoin that I bought at $3,900 would decline in value to that bottom level price, say $3,100 or whatever but in time when the price increases, I will gain the value back, correct? I get confused because all these online crypto traders keep referring to losing more money if you buy and hold right now? Hope this makes sense.

  13. ENJ shows us that there is still the ability to get massive gains in this space. Regardless where the correction puts it, it is a nice exciting project that has breathed some life into the DEAD price action in this space. BTC, XRP, ETH…all dead with the price action. I don't see it going down too much…if it goes up or down it would likely go up if volatile. However, I don't see it doing either. I see it testing over 4K and not doing much after that. I think we go sideways for a while more…and the bottom was in at 3100. Will will test that again? We could…I agree now is the time to be buying. There is no sure thing that we go much lower so if you believe in the space buy away now before its too late.

  14. As always GREAT VIDEO carl !! Love to see you mention the 50,100,200 EMA on your video's !

  15. STABLE COINS? Carl what is your take on USDT and USDS and recent news about Trust token partnership with Armanino?And in general stable coin backings? Thanks

  16. Great Carl, would have been nice to cover risk reward, size of position and trading strategy basics?

  17. how about LTC? since its decoupled from BTC? i'm 50% LTC and 40%BTC and 10% ETH.. good results in the past 3 month so far. Another great video Carl.. keep it up. Love your non bias TA 🙂

  18. Hi Moon, can you tell us percentage wise what is your long-term portfolio percentage vs your shorter trading portfolio? Thanks

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