Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Got Confirmation Bias..? [03.04.2019]


  1. im not in crypto for profits mate (at least as primary reason). im in crypto to kill jewish banking vermin. its just moral to be all in bitcoin and immoral to sell or short it, no matter the price.

  2. there was a time people bought rockets to go to the moon, i bought myself a submarine from 14K on to the depths

  3. Sam, 2 questions I'd like your opinion on, regarding how to manage something good, (FX success related) Maybe 3 or 4 min. Let me know if you're available after a trade day. I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  4. The thing about crypto, sideways or not, better assets to trade right now or not, is I can run scripts 24/7 on crypto and have my bot working 24/7 making me money. Can't do that with traditional markets which don't trade 24/7

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