Bitcoin To $300,000! LONG Term BULLISH With BTC Inflation Rate Declining | SHORT Term Still Bearish


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  2. They create money out of thin air, charge multiple times interest through fractional reserve and then create infinite derivatives. Vow they are great Magicians…….

  3. Hello guys i just come to the point..i have lost everything my wife my kids my whole life is in ruins πŸ™ would anyone kind hearted please donate some bitcoin to my adress so i can start my life again from scratch….??1CR3Bjbvuy1ty4EwmFSG3QaBnT3iHWmBcA

  4. LOL. Can you imagine better ad of bitcoin and anti-ad of fiats? Banks create money to buy assets (ie bitcoin). Even the banks dont believe in the value of money they print and get rid of them as soon as they print it to buy bitcoin.

  5. Man you are the best, no one here in youtube can give such detailed analysis about Bitcoin, apart Lucas. Congratulation and happy to find your channel.

  6. I'm not believing on bitcoin now, they was in a top but crushed because no back buy some real currency, dollar, gold or even some vouchers.

  7. love the video.. I don't have time to go through the news of crypto, so this is definitely a great update for me

  8. i thought all that stuff in the opening sounded interesting, so ishudeufuintilywshhdthidsvwioideo

  9. There's one problem with your theory on Gold vs Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just a Virtual Currency! Gold is more than just finance, it is needed to build all mobile phones and computers in the world. In fact without Gold you couldn't have Bitcoin! Gold is a Rare earth mineral meaning it will last the test of time and Bitcoin is not the same in that sense! Not trying to hate on Crypto just saying facts!

  10. I have a real problem with you using what looks like a pictures of Daniel Larimar and Brock Pierce in you graphic for scam coins. Though I like you and your videos I challenge you to put you contributions to the crypto space against either of the efforts and/or accomplishments of either of the a fore mentioned individuals.

  11. Really appreciate your videos and breakdown of information. Deffo one of the best guys in crypto. I am sure you channel will explode soon, during the next bull cycle people will be smashing your sub button like crazy.

    Also for some reason YT turned off the bell icon AGAIN on your channel so I am not getting notifications. I dont know why they keep doing it I have turned it on again but no doubt they will try to stop me seeing your videos yet again.

  12. If the central banks can keep on printing money so easily, it’s easy for them to short bitcoin. So eventually there will be no believe in bitcoin. How you think that’s gonna be stopped, carl? I hope U can answer this question…

  13. Hi Carl, I appreciate your understandable breakdown of Bitcoin, I would like to know your opinion about Digitex Futures

  14. I pray your channel cross 1million subscriber very soon and i love your video content and the way you explain us
    And now my question is about ETH TA so please make a video on ETH plz plz plz πŸ™πŸ™

  15. Thank you CarlπŸ™πŸ» you amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ»such a bright young manπŸ‘ŒπŸ» can you tell little bit more how to invest silver and gold? Maybe put some links below your videos πŸ™πŸ» pretty please and thank you so much for all what you do for usπŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‡

  16. How is vitalik a scammer πŸ˜‚ he literally is risking eth to fight for decentralization

  17. All major economies (not least the USA). Are creating money out of nowhere like crazy. Then throwing it at that economy is to keep things going. I think all the governments realize that that the era of money not being backed by anything at all. (Which has only really been going on since the early 1970s). This

    Is kind of coming to an end. One way or another.

    So they just don’t care anymore. They don’t care about printing endless amounts of money. And they don’t care about absolutely huge national debts.

    They all realize this is just to kind of an unsustainable system in the long term. And it will eventually be replaced by sound money again. In one form or another.

    Could be crypto currency backed by gold. Or it could just be bitcoin. Or crypto backed by bitcoin

  18. Commodities don't suffer inflation in hard currencies, the particular case of gold, its that when the economy is in crisis the gold increase its value in incredibly high percentages, for example, in the financial crisis, the price of gold had multiplied for more than 2 times. So, when the economy works okay, and the stock markets works well, it value get decreased. Its by convention were the investments go when the economy works bad or when you have big political incertities. Basically buy gold cheap when the economy works well and wait until the economy gets in a bad cycle, its not profitable, counter tendencies tend not to be profitable. so, when you start getting bad news, that the moment in entering in gold. because, basically, the profitable has to be measured in time too.

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