Charting Stocks/Forex for Technical Analysis Part 13 – Changing candlestick shadow color matplotlib


  1. Great tutorials Harrison. Thank you.
    I wanted to add that to save better resolution plots I added a little dpi parameter.
    fig.savefig(stock+'_candlestick_chart.png', facecolor=fig.get_facecolor(), dpi=1000)

  2. I've installed Python 3.4 on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit platform and the matplotlib module is located in the directory: 


    In Python 2.7 I found the matplotlib module in the directory:


    However it gets more complicated as is a shortcut file to:

    /usr/share/pyshared/matplotlib/ and this is where the actual file resides for Python 2.7

    This is interesting as Python2.7 as has the following directory:


    but matplotlib is not there.

    I checked out Paulo Santos's suggestion and the folder is shortcut folder that goes to the /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/matplotlib location containing the shortcut.

  3. fyi, it seems the black high/low problem has been fixed by matplotlib folks. just use candlestick_ochl instead of candlestick

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