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  1. You are happy doing this now and enjoy your work or just knowing that this will give you wealthy life in future, is this the main motivation?

  2. Hi, loved your video, very inspiring for us young traders. Just a quick question, which fx broker would you recommend for beginners?

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  4. People please keep in mind that he is documenting his day. But that being said trading isn’t about trend lines, indicators and having 5 or more trades on at a time. It’s about having a set of rules, sticking to those rules, fundamental research (economic data/news/political affairs and much more), risk management and not being sucked into social media fakes. When you see “ £1/$1 a pip that’s shit!!! you can but it depends on the lot size, leverage, capital you have and margin. You can find out much more about forex, what brokers to use and what types of trading (options, CFD, ETF, share dealing and binary) from,
    Anton Kreil
    And books.

  5. I just can’t understand ! Why all this self proclaimed successful traders don’t show their last year broker statement. It’s so easy. Then we all can trust them.

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  7. Sounds great. But just sounds like someone with no responsibilities. Majority of people wont be im this situation. I actually really like this guy as he is just documenting HIS routine. But keep in mind…. Its his and yours may not be the same. It doesnt mean that if ur not seeing results it makes it worse

  8. Hi, Are you using any alert system for your entry or just look at the charts at specific hours like 6 am and 1 pm ? Thx ,

  9. What is the daily routine of a self employed day trader? Do you trade every single day? Do you take holidays or are you in front of a laptop everyday?

  10. Very informative video, I have been waiting for this for a long time. I love to compare your methods with mine which makes me get better

  11. Hello, nice video. 🏁

    I am a forex trader myself and finally I know what to do.

    I am a trend follower and made a system / strategy M Ottmar M that shows me good pint to enter a trade.

    🇳🇱 Maybe nice for you to ckeck my latest videos.

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  13. I like this video because it keeps a real journal of what it looks like to be a trader. I have one question though: where did you learn to trade? I’ve been learning everything I can from the internet and have made some great improvements but most people recommend IML or some other service that’s expensive. Can you or anybody else recommend some less expensive resources to learn how to trade?

  14. How can forex with 100 turn to 10,000? Thank you

    Just kidding at least you are showing the normal forex lifestyle 😂

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