Forex Pivot Points. How to use them effectively? – Forex Trading Strategy Q&A


  1. great video man very eye opening, can you do a video on your opinion of the use of Moving Averages whether if there a useful technical tool or not?

  2. There are only two secrets about trading, first know the basic and secondly have a good mentor

  3. Hi Jarratt, what time zone do we use to calculate the days close price? I've used 2 different brokers and their pivot points were different levels.

  4. Explained very well thanks.. Does that mean if im using the H1 chart, i need the hourly pivot point level? When i look up online to get the pivot point information online, websites give weekly, daily, 5 hours, hourly..etc pivot points.. Which one should i use for 15 min or 1 hour chart? Thanks you

  5. Hi Jarratt, thank you for your video.
    I would have a question concerning pivot points.
    Which closing/opening time for a session is most reliable for calculating pivot points? In one source I read 24GMT=19EST in the other 20GMT=15EST (assuming bot zones have the sam DST).
    I would much appreciate your opinion because levels values for this different setups differ significantly.

  6. Pivot Points represent the True Value of a currency. They are generated by price moving through a pairs range and not retracing its original beginning. You can have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pivot points. It should be noted Price usually retraces to the Pivot point generated in a weeks trading. A great 'Free' Pivot Point indicator for MT4 is available.

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