Forex Trading using multiple charts on 1 MT4 screen


  1. hi, i need have 6 to 8 charts on severals tf , the same pair , but… yes i know how do it , but , how can i change the pair in one click? not saving layout , just clicking other pair , and change this to the next pair , whit out do it each to each window compression ? i dont want save each pair layout , to change , could be posible?

  2. Thanks Alex! The video is very helpful and goes some way towards solving the issues I raised; however, I do use several indicators and trend lines in price window, and I have two indicator windows open as well as the main price chart which contain indicators laid on indicators – three open windows. This works well, if viewed on a large monitor (in my case 27") but even on a 27" monitor the best value is to have at most only two vertical charts open (15-min and 60-min) so I can see everything clearly (my eyesight is not best). The problem  is increased as I have around 8-10 currency pairs, which with all trend lines etc and indicators starts to slow down my computer (which is very fast). I think I will go for the two-chart option for time being…and if I want to view the daily/four-hour charts I will do so ad-hoc…

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