Forex Trading & Wave Analysis | Weekly FOREX Forecast: 11th Mar – 15th Mar | (+ BONUS TIP)


  1. we are all blessed that we found you guys
    you are amazing
    why ?
    hit rate close to 100%
    making a complicated wave theory simple
    making it public
    offering a course to learn it

    can't thank you enough

  2. Gold is ABCDE complex and its downtrend no more buy since last 2 week its over but i so still think its has to finish buy whats its remaining but what we all see its ABCDE is over and its downtrend!!

  3. I started following this channel when it had only 500 subscribers. I'm glad you're growing up . I hope to be able to take the course soon. By the way thank youfor the tip.

  4. As a full-time, veteran trader, I consider your analyses, forecasts and explanations an indispensable complement to my own analyses and methods, I use when trading. Knowing your overall view upon the direction of a given pair provides an important sanity check on my trades. Thank you and keep it coming!

  5. It is great though, I searched a lot of websites for the trade forex by the wave, not by price action or even fundamental methods.
    I think I will be on the positive side each week by your forecasting. I am interesting by EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, CADCHF, AUDUSD, and Gold

  6. This is amazing guys! I would recommend you guys to take part in the next course, starting in June 2019

  7. Who doesn't be thankful for people then he will not be thankful for God, you do great work. Thank you sir. You have changed my vision to the market thank you so much again and again

  8. I wonder who is trading AUDNZD ? With so many opportunities on USD vs other pairs trading AUDNZD is waste of time and money.

  9. EURUSD is going higher than you think. My target is 1.25 by first or second week of April. It is going to be a straight up move from here, with little corrections. And then it is going to drop to 1.18. And after that another leg to 1.32 or maybe even to 1.42

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