Forex | Weekly Trade Ideas.(Top Down Analysis)


  1. News: A lot of major news planned for this week. Especially on Monday and Tuesday. Keep an eye on the agenda!
    DXY Analysis 1:30 – Bullish, Buy the dips

    Gold Analysis 5:07 – Watch for bearish evidence for another leg down
    Oil Analysis 7:37 – Ranging, sideways action
    EURUSD Analysis 9:13 – Bearish, Lower lows and Lower highs, Market likely to continue lower
    GBPUSD Analysis 11:42 – At a very strong confluence level at the moment, wait for bulls otherwise lower
    USDJPY Analysis 14:50 – At a key support level, look for leg higher but inside a range
    USDCAD Analysis 16:31 – Bullish, look to buy dips. Clear structure
    AUDUSD Analysis 17:19 – Bearish. Higher correction, then possible continuation to the downside
    USDCHF Analysis 18:13 – At key weekly resistance level, but building up for possible breakout and continuation higher
    NZDUSD Analysis 20:41 – Chopping inside a weekly range. Test higher, then possible down leg

  2. Thanks Pierre, very good analysis, thanks for share your ideas, I'm with you πŸ˜€ I have to admit I felt guilty when you said you know people skip the news part ':D

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