Get MORE CAPITAL To Trade Forex! – Michael Berman | Trader Interview


  1. Have been with PsyQuation for some time, initially with GoMarkets, last few months with Axi, working to improve my stats. Both accounts different strategies and one doing much better. Looking forward to growing over time -no rush.

  2. Interesting video! I had PsyQuation popping up on my Facebook news feed all the time and thought it was a stupid idea but thanks to watching this video, I have changed my mind.

  3. Food for thought. If a trader is profitable, then why do copy trade. With copy trading a profitable trader's edge will decrease over time.

  4. This RAPA score, I was only able to find a marketing piece about the Risk And Performance Analyzer, I suspect the good Doctor skipped a story in there! Anyways, crowded space they are entering.

  5. Very interesting interview. Do you know if Axitrader have any plans to integrate with tradingview?

  6. One of the reasons I find time to watch Mr. Etienne is he's so real, so authentication and knows what he's doing. He won't show off his stuff and all because he knows that rookie traders don't need to see the flashy pretence life but want real conversations that would change their lives. Good work Mr. E. Keep up.

  7. Beautiful! Been looking at PsyQuation for over a year. Very helpful to pay attention to the pointers from that system, regardless whether you are looking to trade other peoples money or not.

  8. very interesting Etienne. Curious to know more, so I am doing further digging into their website. Curious to see what the next video is going to be.

  9. Finally one person who tells truth! Trading is minus sum game because you have to pay commissions for each transactions!
    More stable ways to make money from trading are:
    1. teaching how to trade
    2. selling tools(software, signals, data) for traders to be "profitable"
    3. vloging /selling life style
    4. affiliate programs from brokers and software companies that sell soft for traders
    5. open brokerage firm yourself
    You have to really understand markets to make any money.
    It takes about 3-5 years for retail trader to really MAYBE become profitable. Ask your self can you afford loosing money for this period and maybe finally make some?

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