How to Trade Forex with 50:1 Leverage?


  1. nice video, I was having trouble understanding leverage, I guess it doesnt make a difference if you stick with a good money management plan of only risking 2% of your account/ trade.

  2. There is still great opportunity in forex, however the original goal of the government regulators was a 10:1 leverage which would be abhorrent considering max leverage was 200:1 previously.

  3. @timwharton44 I am told that UK brokers are closing accounts and sending them to U.S. subsidiaries. Need to confirm that with the U.K. brokers. So far I have not heard anything from Swiss brokers.

  4. Good video Scott.
    I personally have never used more than 10:1
    So for me and I think for most serious traders this new regulation is purely academic.

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