How To Trade PRICE ACTION 2019 | Price Action Forex Training 2019

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  1. Sup brother thanks a lot for taking the time on touching some of your price action. I follow you on here and Facebook too now. I recently asked you about the taxes part of trading lol But yeah man I love your vents man vent on. I totally agree with you. I am honestly still demo trading but I have successfully flipped 2 demo accounts overtime etc. Just waiting on tax return to put a little investment in Fx choice which you also helped me clarify on. But my main goal is to just make enough money to support my family so my girl can not work and go to school and we spend time with our son more. That's all I want is more family time. I wish you lived in Fl bro we would definitely be buds because I'm so into this market shit too. Not just the money but I find it like an addicting video game. It's so fun reading the markets and getting your predictions right and learning more as you go. Your wisdom can only go up from here

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