Internet IDIOTS Trigger me! Bitcoin and Forex Traders EXPOSED (Calvin Ayre)


  1. A death threat is a fear reaction. You obviously have these guys in a very uncomfortable situation which means you're DOING A GREAT JOB AT CALLING OUT THE BULLSHIT! Keep up the good work.

  2. Bro take a look at supercars of london's comment section, he is getting kill*d. also his analytics, terrible views to sub ratio. time for a proper that marini guy should we hate video

  3. I was with you until you went off on the foreign exchange rant. All money is worthless if you can't pay your taxes with it. The fact that sterling is the way the government puts money into the system and takes some of it back is where the worth is. Otherwise, we could use Shells, Grains of Sand, Bitcoin, you get what I mean. Plus, if the currency was worthless, why use it as a cross for BTC? If you live in a closed loop, make and spend crypto, that is all good. Until you come back to the status quo or the real world as of today. Tomorrow may be different and yes maybe we will be paid in Crypto and we will pay our taxes in Crypto. Until then, you need to put some faith in the Central Banks. My only prediction is that all central banks adopt crypto and then they control our money even more. No more paying the plumber in cash. No more black market. You get what I mean. Stay Alive. Congrats on earning money via YT and I wish you more success.

  4. You sure it's not Salomondrin. He's been handing out death wishes. Ask Aaron Palos of Life of Palos πŸ™‚

  5. You should speak on the difference between legitimate brokers and illegitimate brokers. You speak a lot of money scams in forex, reality is, most people who get into those are noobs using unregulated brokers and such. Here in America we don't even have much access to those brokers, it's pretty much just the big boys with proper leverage and direct logins to official banks listed (not typing in information to wire). So to dispel forex as a scam as a whole because most idiots get into the business of get rich quick trading low timeframes with small capital and huge leverage is a bit biased. Outside of that, keep exposing these fucks.

  6. You can't buy Ripple, you can only buy their token XRP. I might be interested in buying Ripple but XRP looks like a joke to me. The odds on the big banks buying XRP and holding it seem extremely small. They'll use their own crypto and even if they used XRP, I think they would want it at a stable price, probably as close to zero as possible.

  7. beware of the ides of March my friend…yeah i just had similar shit happen evicting a nightmare lodger from hell..dont worry 13 lucky 4 the lucky ! all the best Bro &keep doing what u doin..stay safe..brian-X

  8. Have you heard of Melius? It is a MLM Forex trading training platform that is clearly a scam. They promise to give you a $50,000 Forex account to trade with, plus Lamborghinis and Ferraris to those at the top of a pyramid. It is even promoted by the same two brothers who promoted "Onecoin". Might make an interesting video.

  9. So central bank currency backed by nothing is worthless yet bitcoin … also backed by nothing is not worthless ?

    Both currencies are based on trust in that they will be accepted to purchase things

  10. b careful brother, exposing people is a dangerous place to put yourself in anyway,
    You should interview McAfee, n learn a few things from the master of security, privacy, and strategic misinformation.

    Thanks for your content, hated/reported immediately when I saw this mtf on Twitter.

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