LEARN FOREX – Exploiting The Smallest of Edges


  1. Glad I got to experience this in the live room and yes I definetly had a light bulb moment πŸ’‘ thanks akil

  2. Very good explanation of basic candlestick structure. And you are right, majority of traders probably don't realize that it's the simple things like this that could really improve their results.

  3. Great review πŸ‘ coach, I missed the live but 56 likes an no disses. Think you are on to something there, Ha ha.

  4. How are you saying the open of the big red candle was in the middle of the candle ? A red candle starts at the top of the body which is like 126.36, not 126.24, and the low (bottom of the wick) was at 126.04. Am I missing something? These are traditional candlesticks right? 4:34 in the video

  5. I want to learn everything to be successful at it don’t only want to learn one strategy

  6. Hi Akil, great value there!
    Reading a price chart is one of the most important things in trading.
    Just like Jason Stapleton once said: "The Market is Chaos, but if you add Structure to it they become a Structured Chaos"
    His quote is part of my trading plan and I read it every day before my analysis, so that I never forget to take structure into account in my analysis.
    Have a nice weekend mate πŸ™‚

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