Live Scalping Trade Forex 5-Minute Chart


  1. I like to thank you for your transparency with people online. Must people just display profits without the steps to achieving, and always try to sell their formula. The pitch used is the story of being in that place where you are not sure where to begin, but they come to rescue the day and sell you their formula for $700 dollars some even $2000 or more. Is warming knowing that someone is willing to share a strategy for free to actually help others.

  2. This strategy really works! the only issue is the mindset and making re I don't freak out over small pullbacks while I'm waiting to enter profit. When I'm trading your strategy, I watch your video while in the trade, just to remind myself of the mindset

  3. How many pips did you get with this trade again thank you so much. You have changed my life in trading

  4. Mam u are superb u are videos are awesome.


    Pls make videos about trend lines in iq option

    Plzzzzzz mam

  5. Absolutely beautiful. This was some masterful trading right here. I loved how you explained your thought process and you remained calm during the whole process. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the video and all of your advice! Who is a trusted company with the lowest Eur/Usd spreads in the USA?

  7. Awesome demonstration of scalping! It's very clear. The calm disposition even when the price is pulling back is a great demonstration of a trader's mindset while trading.

  8. You're saying the large candles pull backs shouldn't scare us, so I guess if the price is about to reverse the candles size should decrease as the pull back occurs???

  9. Damn, there is so much I still have to learn, Funny but just looking at the transaction "and there is not my money" i got freaked out when price was reversing in my mind I was like : get out ! get out ! .. nope you were right !
    good think we have you here, call me crazy ! but I am watching all your videos and I have watched some of them more than 30 time and still doing it every now and then…..
    nothing sexual here but… lady, I just love you with the deepest part of my heart!

  10. Could you please continue to do these videos where you explain your thought process as the trade is playing out? It really helps us learn from an experienced trader.

  11. Wow awesome….simple and straight forward. I always freak out on an opposite candle. Thank you so much

  12. Hi! I found you because I was searching the internet for other traders that are also homeschooling moms!! I don't trade forex, mostly NASDAQ stocks. But it's so nice to see another homeschooling mom getting this trading thing! I'm less than a year in so still very new and learning a lot. Got any tips for surviving the learning curve while homeschooling?

  13. this is an absolute good explanation for the newbie. Almost all the so called professionals just explain the chart that is already in there which anyone can explain. Analyzing present and showing why we enter at certain point, explaining what the possible future trend is with your present price action and without seeing right half is what the beginners want. Thumbs up. You did great. Thank you. I am also learning these things. great again.

  14. Really good work! I have been looking for someone who gives you real information without any of the nonsense and you are my guiding light! Know that the universe will reward you for feeding people (literally), that you've never met. Give and Receive

  15. Hi, loved this video it really hit me hard with the panicking on the pull back part, I always do it, and end up panic trading the pullback and then it always comes back to the original path. Losing me the initial profit and then losing me minus figures.

    I was wondering if you could showcase a simple bollinger band technique we can use on a 1-5 minute chart for simple, small profits just to grow a small account?

  16. What if price goes the opposite way? What is the plan? For instance I usually end up 10+ pips in the red before seeing any profit. (Aside from pip spread)

  17. Great video, learned a lot about staying calm during the pullbacks and using them to my advantage. Thanks!

  18. Why didnt you take the trades that were above the 50 SMA and closed above the 10 and 15 EMAs? Why were those ones not worth taking? This happens to me alot. I think I'm getting into a good trade. Price closes above. I get in. Price moves up two painfully slow pips and then starts another trend. 🙁 what am I doing wrong??

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