My 50 pips a day strategy trading FOREX – VERY SIMPLE STRATEGY


  1. When you say use forexfactory to determine eurusd direction, how?

    You say 7am gmt but keep pointing at 10am candle, why?

    Newbie to this so appreciate your help.

  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the vid. I'm back testing this strategy with 30pips as someone said that it yields higher win rate and risk reward. From your backtest whats the winning percentage of using 50pips per day? For lets say 1 year of trading.

  3. Hello Andy, After watching this video it is my understanding that all you do is go to forex factory and see what their forecast is for the EUR/USD then place a trade in that direction at a certain time correct? However after looking at your website it seems there is a lot more to it. Can you explain?

  4. How do people know that "95% of traders lose"? That's the exact same number that has been repeated over the years, either that or 90%/10%. One would think that it would have changed over time, not stayed the same. Much like the markets, there is always a change, it never stays the same.

  5. if what you claim is true why dont you trade binaries. you will be a millionaire in less than one year.

  6. does this strategy still work, since the market most of the time don't move 50 pips at your time of entry on your chosen pairs

  7. hi, you talked about trading at 7 am GMT time, but you do not specify your criteria regarding buy or sell. how do you know if you need to buy or sell?

  8. let's all tell the truth, the video and audio quality is poor. the instruction is poor. truth can hurt, but still the truth

  9. yes! I've used his strategies too and had success with it. He started with very simple ones about month ago and graduated to up. Reasonably reliable.

  10. Andy What trading platform am I supposed to use..Is your service meant for beginners into trading

  11. Simply put guys….don;t try to predict the market direction. instead position your trade in a way that profits you regardless of which direction the market goes…..your welcome.

  12. Can you confirm that my numbers are correct? Just looking at this week's charts (entry at 20:00:00 to the lowest price for day) I see:

    1/23 35pips
    1/24 13pips
    1/25 -60pips
    1/26 80pips
    1/27 5pips

    So that's a +73pips for the week.

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