Practical uses of market profile

I trade first 1.5 to 2 hours of US grain futures (plays havoc with my sleep patterns). Probably 85% of my trading decisions are based on the price ladder.

I’ve looked at market profile (principally Jim Dalton’s stuff) for a number of years and there’s some useful higher level principles (excess versus balance, where did the volume trade and how to see where the market is too short/long etc) but if I had to trade with just market profile there’s no way I would be profitable.

There are very occasional setups that would probably work (primarily where traders are too short or too long) but most of the ‘setups’ I see on the market profile would have horrible risk reward ratios as by the time you are in the move is probably half over.

Do people only use it as an adjunct to things like the price ladder or is there something I’m missing?