The Ideal Forex trading Robot? Zero losses, Zero drawdowns, very accurate and completely flexible?


  1. I really want to see the loss trade of this EA (if there is any) , and how it handles it if it make losses..

  2. Hello Alex, this video is a great way to make me think about my trading. Thanks very much for that. I think the ZigZag indicator is used. Althought the problem with that is that the turning point can be seen, after the candle that appears after the highest hight. So a signal must be used that appears before the highest high is formed. At this moment I think that this (the Forex Bouncer) is a non existing EA. The video is made on a not life account, is my idea.

  3. Trading Methodology: I think Bollinger Bands, Envelopes or other form of channel, or simple reversal candles at support and resistance levels or band, envelope, channel boundaries. The classic reversal candles are: shooting stars, hammers, pins, morning and evening stars, white soldiers (1 – 3), black crows (1-3), tweezers, etc. I'm actually hoping the reversal candles are at least part of it, because all indicators LAG. MAs especially are notorious for that. An MA crossover tells you a trend has started often many candles after it began, you get in usually at the middle or the end of it and get stopped out, then repeat on the other side. RSI, Stochastic, etc. are fine for ranges, but a good piece of fundamental news throws them awry.

    An EA that doesn't ever lose is something of a unicorn. Once these results are backed up with a verified live account, then I would say this should be priced in the top tier of Expert4x products along with the usual discounts for existing clients and BTC payments. I would not sell it based on backtesting alone simply because you're making the the claim that it doesn't lose. I have a number of your EAs now and I would buy it, but that's because I know you and your EAs. My comment is from the perspective of someone who just stumbled here – as I once did about four months ago. I would not sell it based on a forward test with a demo either. For that kind of claim it has to be a live account with real skin in the game. Once you get beyond that, the EA has a considerable value compared to the others, because of the advantages you pointed out. It definitely would merit pricing in $325 – $400 range for new clients using PayPal.

  4. It looks impressive, but have you tested with many different pairs and market conditions? i would think if this is real you do not need to sell it as you should be millionaire already. Maybe you are 🙂
    Should check some price levels, momentum and a mix of indicators, but it provokes a good felling just seeing it work. Good job.

  5. Hi Alex, of course this EA is very intreresting…'s like the holly grail……I just hope it's not one of your videos where you showing us there no free meals and stuff like this doesn't really exists……how much am I willing to pay? You have to remeber that if I'm looking for ways to make quick & easy money, I might be half broke……

  6. Oké, right way = 100% wins, but when it goes against you, is there an stoploss in place? Managing the losses is more important…

  7. Hey good day I was wondering I have been texting some EA's on my account and I realized that all give me a spike but burn my account. I was wondering of you had any tips and tricks that could help generate more steady profit and where can I get the EA that you just showed in the video?

  8. Halleluja, the Holy Grail finally discovered. How does it work? Well I think it employs a listening device in the board room of some large market manipulator. How much is it worth? Well if it works reliably then I would expect it's worth thousands if not millions. However if it does work , then I'm sure it would never be for sale.

  9. Wow. Is this real or science fiction Alex?
    Watching this video shock me very badly. I am just speechless.
    This is too good to be true. Alex, you are keep saying, watch the next video. When or where this nex video. Please bring it in before I get a heart attack. LOL

  10. I think the EA using Volume, Candlestick Pattern Formation, EMA, maybe Neural!?

    I would Recommend You To Backtest It on 2-3 More Different Broker and on

    Longer Time period minimum a Year(2018.03.07-2019.03.07) as well to see how it goes!

    And after this place it on Live Account.

    If the performance nearly the same(I mean nearly 90% Win Rate) on a Live Account as on Demo

    and you make an illustrative video to prove this then I willing to pay between 200-250$.

    In summary interesting video, Food for Thought!

    Is it does MM.?

    Waiting for the Next video for more information!

  11. 1. Support/resistance stochastic turning.
    2. $350 – $450 may be
    3. Very interesting video
    4. I have only one question – when can I purchase it. BTW I am a long time customer.

  12. Hi Alex this is looking fabulous, looking forward to see the next video. Keep it up this great work. take care

  13. It must be pre programmed to take historical highs and lows. Can't see any EA being that accurate. If this were real ie trade live that accurately it would be priceless.

  14. It would appear that you have combined the best of all of your master mind experts into this one phenomenal product. Me like!!!!

  15. Hi Alex how do we get a hold of you ,I have been trying to message you on the site with no luck

  16. Looking forward to trying it myself. I trade manually and it would be nice to free up more time for family with an EA like this. When will it be available to the public? I ready…

  17. 1st Of All, Which Magician Created This? Haha

    1. The EA Trades On Price Retesting Of A Certain MA & Maybe The Donchain Channel.
    2. I Would Personally Pay Per Month For A Certain Amount Of Time To gain "Access" To The EA, Long Enough To Make My Initial Investment Back Plus Profits. I Also Wouldn't Mind If It Was A Tier Based System, Higher Prices For Access To More Features Etc..
    3. Yes, The Video Was Mind Blowing, I Have Always Had The Plan To Create An EA That Trades Of Bounces As That's The Strategy I've Been Using To Trade.
    4. Can You Make A Video On How To Create An EA Using MT4 & 5, Debug An Error That Occurs, Optimize It And Explain 30-50% Of The Functions On The Meta Editor Tab.

    Great Video!! Your EA Is Amazing!!!! we Should Coin You The EA God. Lol

    – From Eastside Johannesburg

  18. Mmm very interesting, first question is can this EA trade on a live account with the same results? Has it been forward tested? I ask this because the results are so spectacular that it could and I'm not saying it is looking at 2/3/4 or whatever bars ahead in the history and placing the trades based upon what is coming. If it's not this then the EA has been programmed with a crystal ball because to the best of my knowledge there is no indicator on the market that could predict turning points so accurately. I have seen indicators with the similar results on a chart but those are ALL repainting indicators and none of them could perform like this EA, their results look great on a historical chart and are all based upon history and not the future. I'm still in two minds if Alex is showing us a serious EA or is it one of his many EA's he develops to demonstrate a point like the Full Hedged EA Published on 13 Feb 2019? Either way I'm stumped. Initially I thought maybe a combination of Volume, Channel and RSI but this EA is way too accurate for that. So I'm still stumped.

  19. Been around trading along time. Can't help but be skeptical since many have claimed to be able to have robots trade like this but in real time trading always fail. Anyway, I would pay several thousand if it actually performs. Anxiously waiting.

  20. i assume that this is another fake to educate us alex. no one can maintain a win rate of 100%. i would be quite happy to find something that delivers a 80% winrate with a reward:risk ratio of 1:1 or bigger. if i had something like this. i would let it run all day long with the maximum lot moneymanagement approach that i found somewhere in your endless ressources. i am excited to watch your next video. in case you prove me wrong, i will be the first one who apologizes publicly.

  21. You always find a way to entice our interest and leave us in suspense and a bit disappointed Alex. Guess we will have to wait for a few more weeks until you let us now what your working on.

  22. Have you ever tried combining this with your GTM? Would be interesting to see tour multiplier effect with this turning point.
    On that, Is there a way to request additional.inputs to the GTM? I would like to trade buy on the GTM only when an RSI period(input#1) Is below a RSI level (input#2) and sell when it's above an RSI Level (input#3).
    Looking fwd to tour response

  23. Alex, what I have learned about you over the years is that you will deliver and therefore I can not give you a price because then I would exclude myself to afford this EA. Jan Basson

  24. Definitely LIKE!!!:) And as for me the EA using some indis to calculate os ob zones Rsi+Stoch??? with some kind of fibo pivots. Anyway – such a great results on tests! If it even working half like that it must be expensive so the good price is something like renting it f.e. 50+usd/month or something like.

  25. Very interesting EA, I think it must use different technical analysis such as channel bounce + horizontal support and resistance and non horizontal support and resistance + Fibonacci levels and so on…
    $500 will be small amounts for something that perfect.

  26. Indeed a little too good to be true! If it is for real I think it uses a combination of significant support/resistance levels and candle reversal patterns. I'm scared to name a price but I hope I can afford it !! 😀

  27. As usual, Excellent presentation Alex…Don’t know if such a “Holly Grail” Robot can exist because it sounds too good to be true, but it’s awesome anyway as “trading food for thought” and if miraculously you manage to create it, I like everybody else would be more than happy to purchase it…Looking forward to your next videos…

  28. OMG, Alex! This is the holy grail of trading! If your EA is really that good at predicting turning points and works like it does EVERY TIME without fail, as in your video, then you have truly found the mother of all EAs! I would like to say that it works using fractals but I think fractals can only be calculated once you have both left and right bars fully formed, so I really don't know how this works. I think this is pure genius! As for how much would I pay? I would love to pay thousands but then I won't be able to afford it, right now, as I only have a small trading account now, after losing tens of thousands on other useless EAs over the last 2 years! Please do not make it too pricey or else people like me would not be able to afford this. I think $100-$150 would be what I can afford now (assuming you still give 50% off for your existing customers) but if you think this is way too little, how about a profit sharing scheme where you get 10-15% off the profit we make? If the EA doesn't make us profits, then it shouldn't make you a profit. That's as fair as it gets. Please be aware that the main reason I am a customer of yours is because your EAs are not only revolutionary but are also reasonably priced, unlike some who charge thousands for theirs and there is no guarantee that we can even make back the amount invested in them. I'm the victim of some of the expensive EAs, costing thousands, sold by others and all I have are blown accounts to show for it. I will continue to buy your products so long as they remain affordable and innovative and will even introduce them to other traders as I'm doing now. This world is so full of scammers out to get other people's money and one of the red flags that make me avoid them is a high price for the EAs they sell. I mean, if their EA is so good and can really make a ton of money, why wouldn't they use it to make their own money instead of charging others an arm and a leg to buy it, right?

  29. What if the EA had all the turning points already programmed inside its code for the specific time range it is used to show these incredible trades? 😉 If this EA was actually real then it could be priceless, no more EAs needed, no manual trade needed, a never ending money printing EA 🙂 This is probably why it’s the ideal EA 🙂 But I hope I’m wrong and it’s really working like this with no thought-provoking tricks eheheh 😊

  30. Hi Alex, good video. Nothing is 100% in trading so I'm a bit skeptical with this EA, although the results in the video do speak of themselves. It would be interesting to run this on a live account for 2 weeks and see what happens (since trading on a demo account and trading on a live account can be vastly different).

  31. 1) Its hard to tell what indicators is being used, cant be MA, they usually dont signal til its past the peak points, Bollinger Band break through is one of them, RSI/Stockcastic but not the standard numbers given (I have my own that I like ). Would love to know what it is. Looks like almost like fractals, but dont think thats it. No idea Alex. Knowing you, its probably something simple that we over looked. Its in front of us the whole time ….LOL

    2) If I was selling it I would say $1000, you probably get more takers if they a) free trial on demo only b) rent the ea licence on a month to month basis. I wish I could buy it for $199 usd as I work cleaning pot a potties each night (winter time here in Canada they are frozen 🙁 ) …make just enough to pay the bills and a little left over to try to find a way to make money in forex.

    3) This video is thought provoking. I am trying to figure out how YOU figured out the exact tops and bottoms. I am wondering if I can figure it out. I was imaging what if you added a money manager to increase the lot size as the account grew. Would this help in the challenge to the million dollar growth?!!! If they average over 100 pips, perhaps a plan to incorporate the DIAD would be nice too. Can allows put in the dynamic stop loss in case it cant make the 100 pips. Just a thought there.

    4) Now, I am thinking " I bet this is April Fools joke or like the time Alex did with the candle stick Ea, great on Demo and Backtest but the brokers wont allow it.
    On the other hand, Alex, I would be honored to test on 1) Demo account for a period of time and then 2) Live account starting with $1,000 (i have managed to save that much up, not much to you, but a lot to me)

    Either way Alex, I always enjoy your videos. Looking forward to the next video on this with much anticipation.

  32. I would say this EA has future bias. theres no way pivot detection is that perfect. almost 100%

  33. The ForexBouncer is worth a lot. Probably more than most can afford. But here is a way to overcome that: make the price low like $200, but then your group trades it on the buyer's account and charges 2% to 5% per month of profits. Imagine 10k to 100k customers (or more as the word gets out). How long would it take for Alex to become a multi gazillionaire? I'm ready to sign up.

  34. Anna-Marie SA,
    Hello Alex, this will turn peoples live around. How can I get in touch with you?.

  35. Certainly this video is thought-provoking. It is amazing that, in each currency pair, the EA stayed in a trade for 360 pips without bailing. It is also amazing, given the wild fluctuations in the GBP due to Brexit news events, that this EA was able to avoid a single losing transaction. (There may have been cases where gains were reduced by a negative news event so I am not saying that these events had no impact on the EA´s final profitability.) I await more info regarding this EA. Regarding pricing, it might be ideal if you can offer two options, outright purchase or monthly rental. The latter would make the EA available to lower income traders and, most likely, would be more profitable for you, the vendor. In my case, I could see renting the EA for a number of months and, if it works as expected, then buying it with the trading profits.

  36. The EA uses a double moving average (exponential) for trend direction and a fast stochastic for timing. $300.00+. Very interesting. What does a loss look like with this EA? If it does lose, what does the recovery mode look like?

  37. why only test 2 pairs results? what if you had lot more pairs been tested but choose only 2 good one in this video?

  38. Very interesting ea, no losses all profit!! Hmm, Alex you have mentioned all the areas that seem logical this ea trades. Only you know the method,
    I will pay a decent amount to get this ea.

  39. Probably using Renko box of size 13. Entering the trade after 1 opposite color box. But filtering whipsaws with some logic.

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