Using Money Management To Trade Bigger In Forex


  1. Navin will you ever come to Cape Town, South Africa?? I've seen loads of people say they're from South Africa in the webinars…

  2. Thats An awesome video. . .thank you sir. . .i have watched it more than 4-5 times . u have put it very methodical . . manner to train your brain in the market. . .

  3. These people promoting scams for Binary option is everywhere. The claims they make is making me laugh. I think you should delete these comments.

  4. i thank Maiden Grace a lot . she has really raised the bar pretty high for traders all around the world. with her 98% winning rate. she is no doubt the best thing that ever happened to the trading community as a whole.?? +1(480)253 9967

  5. Where were you transmitting from brother? I am really interested on your current real estate! Awesome eco-decoration.

  6. NAVIN i do watch u so many years. I think your r the ONLY TEACHER trying to teach and caring your people, there is NO single day that don't watch u 2-3 times …… ( love your JOKES… my cow can draw lines….. sell everything LOL)
    Best Regards

  7. NAVIN YOUR A LEGEND Keep up the good work you are doing! cant wait to join the elite when finisht the 4 CB

  8. Hi Guys I have downloaded the App but I am lost….where do I click to select currency pairs after putting my account balance, risk, and stop loss in pips?

  9. Very useful webinars , for those who don't have the courses I suggest to get them , I talk by experience , for sure your edge is gonna change dramatically

  10. Love u ..You are awesome sir …
    I thought…i will watch it letter ..i watch only 15/20 mins …but after starting video ..i watch it to the end ….because ..the logic ..he explained …i want to meet navin before i died …

  11. If you’re asian chances are you are a trend pullback trader πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚!! Great addition to the course though thanks for the pep talk Navin πŸ™πŸ½.

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