Weekly Forex Forecast & Trade Setups Mar 10th, 2019 💥FOREX PRICE ACTION TRADING💥


  1. A consistently profitable trader is able to identify supply and demand imbalance which means knowing where the REAL buyers and sellers are in a market. Price Action Nation is doing this. I've been trading for 12 years and have yet to see as much success in my own trading as I have now with PA Nation. I take about 1 to 2 trades each night after work. So far, I have taken over 100 trades using the price action methods taught here and have doubled my account in 3 months while still trading very small size and letting my winners run. There is real power in this methodology…small risk, high reward, high probability and knowing where the real buyers and sellers are buying and selling! I'm super thankful for being a part of this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me find my true edge !

  2. 11-1 over the past 2 weeks… $1700+ total profit…$660 this week…broke even on my fencing trade today with the AUD/USD…won the Buy setup I got from your weekly video but lost the Sell entry I came up with…hope everyone had a profitable week…guys…PAN'S videos = 💰…can't wait for the next YouTube notification for your next one!…hope everyone has a great weekend!😃

  3. Just completed my Fencing setup on Nadex for the AUD/USD. Thanks to Price Action Nation pointing out the bullishness of this pair in recent videos, I entered a Buy this past Sunday for the price to finish above .70250 when the markets close on Friday. The price just touched .70670 so I decided to take a 2nd position Selling for the price to finish below. 70750 at tomorrow's close. This now gives me two positions on this pair. If tomorrow's closing price settles between .70250 and.70750, I'll win both trades for an $800 profit (risking $400 on each). Worse possible outcome is win 1, lose 1 and break even. This is one of the beauties of trading binaries over forex: the chance to have opposing positions on the same asset at the same expiration time and potentially double your profits with no risk of losing any money! Fencing! Thanks PAN for turning me on to this pair!😃

  4. I'm addicted to Price Action Nation. Can't wait for the next video. I'm fairly new to trading but am getting more confident in taking successful trades every week. Thanks for your wisdom and for sharing.

  5. Took only 40 minutes to make $150 scalping the S&P 500…just closed my position on Nadex…got in at 2820 and out at 2815. $150. Like with the Crude Oil trade earlier this morning…just taking advantage of the price action that PAN constantly encourages us to do!😃 10-0 the past 2 weeks with PAN'S help. $660 profit the past 3 days and $1000+ over the past 8 trading days. Anyone can take the information you provide and do this! Thanks PAN for helping make this money a reality!!!💰😁

  6. The 2800+ level for the S&P 500 has been talked about as being a massive wall of resistance in past weekly videos by PAN (Price Action Nation)…so, will try to scalp for some small profits…just entered a Sell on Nadex at the current price of 2820. I realize the price surged yesterday on strong eco news but, with Trump delaying his meeting with China till April, I think a lot of buyers will become skittish and sell. Looking to make it 10-0 over the past 2 weeks with PAN setups…many I would've never known of and some confirming my own. Guys…PAN has essentially told you where you can make money. All you have to do is go get it! TRADE!!!💰😃

  7. Closing my scalp trade now on Crude Oil with a profit of $150! Entered yesterday when the price was at 58.35. Did a Sell on Nadex for the Weekly price to finish below 58 25 when the markets close on Friday. My reasons for doing this was (1) the price was showing strong resistance at 58.35 and (2) I was expecting it to drop back to the 58.00 handle where a lot of traders would be waiting. When it retraced to 58.10, I closed because I had reached my goal of at least a $100 profit. Just taking advantage of the price action that you see every day on most assets by scalping for a small profit!💰☺

  8. Oil currently at 58.35.
    Just placed a Sell on Nadex for the Weekly price to finish below 58.25 when the markets close on Friday. Looking for a pullback to 58.00 at which point I'll close my position and take profit. Scalp trade not holding to duration. Will update here when position's closed.

  9. Im currently in 10 Trades. all 10 are Positive and All risk is off the table on all 10 trades. Thanks for your Trade set up. Keep em coming.

  10. What do you use for signals to get in? I've learned the stochastic signals, but though I'm LOVING price action, you mention in your (great) videos to look for opportunities to get in. Thanks!

  11. Just reached my target price and profit goal for the GBP/USD Buy I placed two hours ago…closing my trade now at 1.30875 for a $100 profit…that's 3 scalp trades today on the GBP/USD pocketing a total of $460…just taking advantage of the info provided here in the weekly video AND last night's "spot on" Telegram post…anyone can do this…thanks again Price Action Nation for making today's payday possible!💰😃

  12. Hope everyone is taking advantage of the volatility on the GBP/USD that was posted last night on Telegram…great volatility right now…just made my 2nd scalping trade today…did a Sell at 1.31190 and closed my position at 1.30710… made $260 in less than 10 minutes!…pocketed $100 earlier today on this pair…I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities today with this pair to make quick profits…thanks Price Action Nation for turning me on to this today…love the 💰😃

  13. Nadex (Binary Options trade)…Just did a Sell of the GBP/USD for the Weekly price of 1.30750…entered when price was at 1.30880…trade expires at 3 pm eastern on Friday but will likely close today for small profits to take advantage of price action due to volatility.

  14. Love these videos. They have been helpful in helping me capture hundreds of pips. Thanks so much…..

  15. Great video, looking forward to another great trading week! I have high hopes for the AUDUSD and NZDCAD. A few weeks ago you mention nat gas going up are you still thinking that? Thanks again.

  16. Couldn't wait…watching at work…one of the perks of being a security officer🤣…favorite trade right now is the AUD/USD…scalped for a $100 profit today…trading on Nadex (binary options)…entered at .7029 and sold at .7069…also have a Weekly trade (expires on Friday) which will make $400 if the price closes above .7025…I wouldn't have known about this pair's bullish potential if it wasn't for your recent weekly videos…thanks for helping me pocket some💰!

  17. Loving the EURAUD trade. Up in two risk free trades 220+ pips combined! Continuing to learn and fine tune price action analysis has done wonders for my trading and my psyche!

  18. Awesome!! Can you do just one indies market please either Nasdaq or Dow? Just one is good enough since they all move same direction. Thank you so much for your time.

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