Weekly Forex Review – 11th to the 15th of March


  1. Timon…thanks for your insights on the AUD/USD🙄…confirms my outlook for this pair…I just placed two trades on Nadex for the price to finish above (Buy) .7025 and
    .7075 when the markets close this Friday at 3 pm eastern (Weekly trades)…the price was at .7029 when I executed both trades…will likely close the .7075 trade early this week if the price moves up and take small profits…will also be looking to fence with a Sell if the price gets to .7125…an opportunity to win both trades (the Buy at .7025 and Sell at .7125) and double my profits…worse case is win 1, lose 1 and break even…good fortunes to everyone this week!💰

  2. I like your anaylsis they are so simple keep up the good work
    i want to request you Please add Nas100 in your anaylsis in upcoming videos 🙂 Thanks

  3. I trade binaries on Nadex…do Weekly trades that expire on Fridays at 3 pm eastern time. I look to enter my first position on Sunday or Monday and, as the price moves later in the week, seek to take a trade in the opposite direction on that same currency pair (Fencing) so I have a Buy and Sell position for the same expiration. I'm hoping the weekly closing price settles somewhere in between my two trades so I win both and double my profits. Worse case is I'll win 1, lose 1 and break even. When the market opens tonight (Sunday), I'm going to Buy the AUD/USD on the Weekly at 7075 on Nadex. Current price is .7050. If it slips, I'll look at Buying at 7025. I expect the price to go up this week and will be looking to take a Sell position sometime before Friday if the opportunity presents itself. Also looking for fencing trades this week on Gold and the GBP/USD. 3-0 last week. Good fortunes to everyone!💰

  4. Thanks Timon, great sharing! wishing you a great trading week ahead. Pls share this every week, its really helps! tc bro

  5. Hi Timon, thanks again for your video. Just wondering if you ever trade the indices market like The Dax or FTSE100 for example?

  6. USDJPY is going to 102.50 by the end of March. You long it the first trading day of April. The reason is that USDJPY cant go up until US Indices bottom(remember it is the carry trade currency), and those will bottom by the end of the month, according to my projection.

  7. EURUSD is going straigt to 1.2500 from here. Nice manipulation from the Banks on Thursday, but I am not falling for it.

  8. That is the best of you. I really like your way tradind. And i would be happy if you could help me to indicate the major supprt and resistance zones

  9. thnk u fr proving weekly pradictions…could u plz make one video regarding how u r drawing support n resistance zones….

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