7 Intraday Trading Myths (Hindi)


  1. 🔴🔴 Stock Speculation and Implied Volatility (दोनों के बीच क्या सम्बन्ध है) 👇👇

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and Very Nice Explanation about intraday trading Myths with easy way

  3. Awesome point to remember.."Jo bulls hai wo seedi(stairs) chadh ke aate hain, aur jo bears hain wo khidhki se kood jate hain"

  4. Thanks for your educative lectures. Kindly let me know your opinion on "SMALL CASE" BY ZERODHA

  5. Sir can you please make a video on Exide industries with technical analysis??
    As there is electric vehicles project in demand there are chances that the stock might take now a bull run and how is this stock for Long term around 3-5 years…Can we see up movement in future?

  6. Sir ek video swing trading ke miss understanding key baarey may bhe baneyga ! Kuke kaie baar market ke volatility kam honey say bahut achey achey share hamaarey pocket may AA jaatey hai ! Jisasey ham confuse rahtey hai ! Kya buy karna hai Kya sell karna hai ? Us samay Kya karey kaisey neradya ley ? Plz en sab ka ek summry video jarur baneyga !! Thank you so much sir ! Nice video sir

  7. ATTENTION PLEASE**Aap ko& aap ke daily sagetion, ko join karane ka full HINDI video banane ki kripa Kare. thanks

  8. Sir Thanks a lot for the video. appreciate your hard work. and sir i daily search Sell opportunity more than Buy, and my mind also be a bearish bias many times. So it is correct to be Bearish bias first more than Bullish.

  9. Hi Sir…. I request u to plz make a video on the importance of NIFTY touching PE levels of around 29… Historically it has been seen that market witness major falls when it reaches the PE levels of around 24 but from last 3 years its has been sustaining the PE levels of above 21-22 and is also having good correction above these levels…. so how critical is it for NIFTY to have a PE level of around 29. Thanks

  10. नितीन जी आपका बहोत बहोत शुक्रिया, काफी अच्छी जानकारी 👍

  11. Sir, Can you please make summary video on Intarday trading system like what you shared for short term. Why am I asking because option chain, Fibo, is not relevant for intrday.

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