BinaryTriumph Forex Robot Unleashed – You Spoke, I Listened!


  1. Amazing. Ken, if not a secret, how old are you and how long have you been trading Forex and binary options?

  2. Hey Ken I just emailed for the Robot license info thanks a ton. I'm super excited to put this thing to work.

  3. We're not stupid, if this robot turns $ 150 to $ 189k in 5 months, why do you want to sell it, it's like someone wanted to sell a money machine that makes $ 1000 a day with $ 200 or $ 300 that's normal.

  4. That is awesome Ken, i will avail for that for sure, please do check your email. That is a lifechanging ROBOT!

  5. Hi Ken…..please we also need a binary option robot aswell

    try and work on that pleaseeeee

  6. Your robot looks great. Can I use it at RaceOption? I sent you an email to find out how to get a license. Thanks, Twins124

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