Bitcoin price technical analysis – 11th April 2019


  1. This was a great video – lots of detailed, well thought-out analysis of BTC and ETH. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. Waves, it would be easier for you to enable the magnet tool when doing the fib stuff. That way you are always on the money. Enable the "Extend lines" in the settings of it and you're good to go.

  3. Sir, you never fail to amaze with the sharpness and high level of your TA! Thank you million times!

  4. Fucking hilarious, you have order blocks and support and resistances labeled but you seem to completely dismiss the biggest support turned resistance at 5800-6200. What kind of a donkey trader are you, thinking this will be bullish and just smash through that resistance???

    I'm gobsmacked, for real!!

  5. You keep talking about the bullish count and are comparing it to 2014, but even in 2014 it went up to test resistance and still dropped down hard, granted it made a higher low, but why aren't you bringing that up. Just going of that fractal price should still at very least test 4k, if not something more in the region of 3500-3800!

  6. I always enjoy your videos. Excellent comparison to prior bear market.

    I have a question though, I've never seen someone use the fib projection tool like that. Why do you place the 3rd point of the tool at the same price the 1st point is placed at? For example, I've always understood that in an ABC correction if you want to project the C wave your 1st point is at the start of A wave, 2nd point end of A wave and 3rd point end of B wave where it pivots into C wave. But you are using it 1st point start of A, 2nd point end of A, 3rd point start of A. This adds a portion of the length of A wave(depending on depth of B wave) to the measurement.

    Thank you!

  7. sadly, the sidebar money can not be read as it is too out of focus or small…nothing can be done i assume, however it is helpful if you call out the money , or price bar levels

  8. Thanks Waves! On ETH, I have wave W ending around the April 1st low. Have you considered that? I count better subwaves and I think the pitchfork looks better with that count as well. Just something to consider.

  9. About volumes: Bitstamp has less "market shares" least years than in 2014/2015, so the average volume is less than the previous bear market (facing contenders such as Bitmex and Binance), but I think it can be analyzed "with confidence and coherence" since mid-2017 where the herd started to feed the bull climax.

  10. Man.. I was expecting you to say "Called it". But since you didn't.. I'll do it for you, —> He called it.

  11. Wow, you are quite the teacher, and of course practitioner, to be learning from. I’m very much enjoying and benefiting from the more frequent videos now that we have a bit more price action and volatility to work with. Keep up the great work 👍

  12. Great update !! it's good to get that bullish perspective and the comparison to 2014. One video I watched earlier today was giving reasons for the bear market to persist… well worth a watch, and would as always be interested in your thoughts about it.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts This is extremely helpful, I always Appreciate your work🙏🏼

  14. It seems you have the pitchfork on the end of the w of the x wave, it also works quite well off of the end of the y of the x. (9961 price, 04 may 18)

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