Falcon FX | 5 Forex Trading Tips and Tricks To Make You A More Successful Trader


  1. How do i know what % of my capital im risking.
    Iv got a demo acc with 3k, so would 0.01 lots be 1%?

  2. my phone is always on airplane mode 🙂 You don't call me, I call you. And if you call me, I will call you back when I can.

  3. blew more than 7 accounts out of which two were over $5,000 but I didnt know shit about Risk Management… In other words, the experience has been priceless..

  4. I have blown them but i am learning each an everyday and most definitely i will be joining the group.

  5. Falcon forex is just lovely ..
    Mehn!! I wonder what I have been doing all these years learn bunch of basic stuffs which never made a difference in my trading career . Thanks to your content on YouTube it's been helpful
    So much value …so so much

  6. The probable vs possible provided so much value to my trading been stopped out on so many trades that eventually went my way because I didn’t have this. Thank you so much for the incredible value

  7. every single minute about this video is a take away for me, amazing life changing advice,, thank you

  8. So much value. My favorite tip from your video is tip number 5. I realize that it is exactly what I need to do. Now I will review my progression every 90 days.

  9. Thank you so much Mark. Watching these videos has really helped me so much. It is impossible to watch your videos for the time its for. Because you constantly have to pause and rewind to catch notes and start it again. This is very powerful. I'm So happy for watching this.

  10. I absolutely love the idea of putting my phone on aeroplane mode while focusing! Definitely a big takeaway. thank you!!

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