Forex: How To Trade Multiple Time-Frames Accurately


  1. Hello Sar I am from India I Am Not Happy
    I Watched Your Technical Analysis All Video But
    I am Not properly English Speaking And Read My English language Is Very Bad
    But Your Videos Very Educationally

    Sorry For My Bad English Writing
    I L♡VE U Sar…

  2. I love your videos and I really want to join in your program. But my English low now. Hii . One day.

  3. His EAP strategies turned my trading around. No joke. I went from a 42% probability to a 93% . Def worth it guys

  4. 1:1 ratio is terrible lol take some more risk bro, don’t be so scared to go up to a 3:1 you’re working harder not smarter. A 25% success rate will break even (lose $1,$1,$1 win $3=break even” so any success above 25% is profit. Come on! Lol

  5. all this analysis for a 55 percent win rate with just over 1 to 1 rr. thats not much better than what youd get if u placed trades at random

  6. HELP. My MT4 platform/App looks nothing like this, i dont have any of these tools 🙁 anyone???

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