Forex Market Maker Trade Setups and Analysis.. How to Trade with Market Makers


  1. Thx. Yes please keep going show this trade setups examples.
    How long took you to recognize the type1,2, 3 london pattern on the edge? . For me sometimes very difficult to see.

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  3. Thanks a lot Mark your trading videos have changed my MM knowledge by 80% that means I have learned a lot from your and please them coming , much support from South Africa

  4. please brocwhen u show entry confirmation show it come frm where. mid week, pfl or high and reason to drop or rise

  5. You say let it play out but some of the examples you give is at the beginning of euro session. So I'm a little confused .

  6. GottA StaY oUtTa tHaT CoOkiE JaR TO eaRLY! PRiceLeSS!!!! AWsoME teaChing! GOd BLeSS yOu BrOtHA!!!

  7. Jemmark your videos are gold mate, I would for sure love to see more videos on the way you breakdown charts to take trades each day. I’m always learn from each video. Thanks god bless 🙏🏾

  8. Can you do a clip on level count on H4 and how its broken down in the 3 cyles in the lower timeframes,

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