Special Market Report (April Edition)


  1. @RAYNER TEO: Hey Rain, thanks for all the great content! – One question, if I may – Do you know of an exchange where I can short bitcoin and do trailing stop losses based on percentages? Right now, I'm on Coinbase Pro and I'm very limited. (unless there's something I missed) THANKS!

  2. Hi, is it smart to filter high potential stocks (when they meet the criteria of the strategy) by there EPS this year, EPS Q/Q and Earnings Q/Q? Or is this information irrelevant for swing trading?

  3. This channel is like a catalyst that keeps me going in Fx. But still have one major challenge – how to chose which pair to trade each day

  4. I got some news .if us dollar rally going to continued further I am not optimistic on oil and Bitcoin. The advance could be corrective. Therefore short term trade possible .

  5. Do you view trading as a hobby/dream job of yours? Or do you just view this as a daily job, 9-5 that has to be done?

    I first entered this investment area because of how interesting it is and felt more like a hobby than a job. I want to use trading to help me retire earlier.

    It'll be great if you can respond to this question in next video or comment. I'm sure you have already answered this somewhere.

  6. Support and resistance are useless, better use trend lines with price action pattern formations.

  7. Hey Rayner..thanks alot..everytime I watch your video I just get this high sense of motivation to trade despite losses, especially your loss at your first setup(GBPCAD), that shows consistency..I love you man!

  8. Rayner Rules!
    Good content as always…well presented / lots of value for money.

    Only one reservation…

    DISAGREE : GOLD @12Apr
    – you say (breakout UP side @7:45 ) / me (I say big breakout is DOWN side @ 1288)

    Can you check the big move expected UP or DOWN?

  9. Brother your really a blessing in my life I have learn so much from your video please keep it up

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