A Great Way To Finish The Week! +$5,372 | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. When short sellers cover their positions does this cause stock prices to rise or drop?

  2. If the float is very low and somehow I cannot sell my stocks at the price I set, what should I do? For example I set the sell price 1 cent above the ask, but the price is quickly dropping, what should I do? Thanks

  3. Ross, who makes those extra led panels you have on your laptop and do the attachment clips come with them? Thanks for the info!

  4. Man Friday was not a good day to be a short biased trader lol. I tried to short lower highs on $OTLK and got squeeeeezed the fuck out.

  5. which indicators does ross have on his charts? other than the VWAP… thanks!

  6. Hi Ross, hi guys l am new here & new at stock trading but l want to learn to trade (the Ross Cameron way) so please help…
    I am a Zimbabwean residing in South Africa.

  7. Am i doing good can you answer okay. Im using only a $3,000 dollar account now and Monday i made $110 Tuesday was $228 and Wednesday it wouldn't let me sell at 99$profit or id be a pattern day trade and today i made $120

  8. what about your internet connection I'm concerned, I travel also and I do not trust the motel internet

  9. Good trading Ross. I hit my weekly loss on Thursday, therefore decided to shut it down for the week. However, I'm still green for the month

  10. Way to go Ross, 4 green out of 5 for me too, I'm still working on $100 a day my friend!!

  11. Hi, i really need some tips. I am only 16 years old which means i don't have alot of money to invest into stocks, i currently have 4 nvidia shares and that takes up almost 50% of my total funds. I want to hold nvidia but i don't know if i should i sell off right now or should i hold? I have heard that some people think that it will go below 150$ later. Thankful for tips or if you have a prediction! (i am from sweden so i apologize if i made any mistakes when writing this text)

  12. Was it OTK or OTLK? OTLK went up huge in the morning. Started premarket and shot up at open. It’s a $2 stock with analysts PT of $12

  13. Awesome job Ross. Here’s a question for us newbie traders.

    Re-watching your first few $583 challenge videos, you mentioned that your goal was to get 0.20 of profit per trade and then get out to help grow the account, using a 0.10 stop. But I’ve found, and I know others have found, is that sometimes 0.20 can be a tough goal to reach, especially on a $2 stock which would account for a 10% move. And a 0.10 stop on an $8 or $9 stock seems really tight. Ideally, breakout or bailout yes, but sometimes that doesn’t always pan out and with small accounts, losses/tight stops can have a big effect on your account.

    Would you say it might be better for newbie traders to maybe shoot for a 5% goal per trade, with a 2.5% stop in the beginning? This would mean a 0.10 goal, 0.05 stop on a $2 stock, and a 0.40 goal, 0.20 stop on an $8 stock which doesn’t seem to be too big of a move with the higher price stocks, or what do you think?

  14. I have not even make a single dollar in the stock market sin i enter this week right now i am losing 100 dollars.if i could make just 50% just one time on the month i will be happy .i dont know how you do to pick the right stock in the right moment .

  15. Hey Ross. I used my hot key to get into the Bosc halt at 3.21. My order was rejected and it said outside of max size and I saw the rejection price of 3.91. Any reason for that to happen? Thanks

  16. Please Ross, show us your orders, I'm always with you in the chatroom, but I need to compare with my orders to improve my trading.

    Thank you.

  17. Nice Job Ross. I got back in the saddle and traded on a Friday and came out green. I traded $OTLK for break of pre-market resistance of $1.85. I put in a LMT order just above and got filled at $1.86. Definitely left money on the table as I got out at my first profit target. Green is good though. Cheers !

  18. Ross, how come you don't use the big screen in the hotel rooms for your platform? Plenty of screen space or you're just more comfortable having multiple screens when traveling?

  19. Yesterday OTLK went down after breaking resistance, since then i have no trust in this stock anymore for some stupid reason >,<
    i had/have the feeling i can't read this stock, what is just stupid.

  20. Really close to shorting BOSC but missed it… Oh well, there's always next time! Nice work Ross.

  21. Great trading for a tricky Friday, Safe travels and see you in the chat room Monday.

  22. Hey Ross, strong work as usual. Which lesson tells us how to spot an up coming circuit breaker halt? Thanks.

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