Bitcoin PullOut Ahead?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


  1. Love your analysis Krown really appreciate you. No need to apologize for the stutter.

  2. I told my friend about bitcoin but he never understand me, right now he is asking me for more details. i love bitcoin

  3. We have to see a healthy push back and some consolidation before another big green dong smashes right through that resistance vagina

  4. Just had a YTer come back to the space who was shilling ALOT of shit coins all through the early bear market. Came back telling people to buy pundix and n cash and tokens that are on 8th page of CMC

  5. What is the logic behind people saying gaps always get filed? trying to understand this! what if it's way back and time and ridiculous price point?

  6. Weren't you the bum who said we were going to keep going lower because there was 'no capitulation'?

  7. im having a serious look at Deribit, watching your options vids, looks great! CHEERS

  8. Give me all your coins people!!! Ask for address if you feel like giving me bitcoins

  9. Hauling oil is the same way – hardest thing is knowing when to NOT do your job. And following trough on that. Not all oil is good – some oil can’t be hauled; it’s not merchantable. API (American Petroleum Institute) is very clear on this.

    Once again, trading encompasses all aspects of life – know when to pull the fuck back👍

  10. Hi Krown what about the gap that have also the Disney ? after they release the news of the streaming platform like netflix didn't retrace.. at least for now !

  11. Ayy Krown:
    Would you mind checking out Verge/BTC in one of your vids/lifestreams? I can't watch these livestreams live, so there's no way for me to request it other than here.
    I think 100 is significant support, I know you don't care but fundamentals are alright and if the chart signals a buy, it is a buy and hold for me. It's a pump n dumper, but doesn't mean one can't make a few bucks with it.
    Ay thanks m8.

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