Bob Hawke’s death and implications for the election

Bob Hawke passed away this evening. He was in rapidly failing health and couldn’t make the Labour launch last week.

He will be remembered as an iconic Labour leader who remade the Australian economy in the 1980’s. However his death will also have a huge impact on the upcoming election.

1) His rapprochement with Paul Keating and their joint declaration of support for Bill Shorten and the Labour Party was a potent signal of unity in contrast to a poisonously divided Liberal Party

2) His death tonight means he and the successes of the Labour Party in the 1980’s will be front page news in all media for the next 2 days. You can’t buy that sort of publicity…

3) As a result of Bob Hawkes death Tony Abbott has climbed into a weighted canvas bag and jumped into Sydney Harbour. Tony chose to write a eulogy which turned into a tatty, stupid political point scoring exercise. He just proved (again and again and again) what a nasty, divisive, tone deaf piece of xhit he is. And he did it all by himself. ScoMo will be apoplectic…..??