Break Even Trading +$29 | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Agreed, I've found my best trades work immediately, if it's longer than a couple of minutes, I'm out.

  2. So how much does the beginner course cost? Also anyone who has the course, how much did it benefit you? I’m looking to buy it, but not looking to waste my money if I already know the material.

  3. I got in GENE 1.11 and sold 1.01 for a loss. Got back in at 1.26 when you did and sold at 1.15. It later goes up to 1.49. When I hold and hope they never recover, when I cut losses they bounce back lol. But I will continue to follow the rules and I need to make my stops tighter

  4. Tough day for me. Played ADMA, got in at 5.20. I was out at 5.21.

    Played WPRT, got in 2.07 and was out at 2.02. Was watching GENE, looking to get in above 1.30 possibly.

  5. Hey Ross…. i've been using the old Fantasy Stock trading simulator, and now i'm using the New Warrior Trading Simulator (with sterling pro interface)….. Is Outstanding!!!

  6. I made 122.98$ on GENE I also shorted UBER and made 87$ very slow day but still good

  7. How do you know which stocks to look at and how to make the decision to buy/expect a breakout?

  8. 25 dllrs is my daily goal so you still passed my goal just by breaking even lol sadness

  9. Hey man I have around 10k free to invest and I’ve been watching your videos. What would you recommend on spending for my first investment.

  10. I have to get my emotions in order 😤😤😤 how was your emotions in the beginning?

  11. I read it as $29k and I was like😍😍…. Anyways ross make that amount one day👍

  12. Fridays seem to be rough. I have the lost the last two Fridays. So I chose not to trade today.

  13. Sadly I cannot break even because commissions will still eat me up. Breaking even means 14$ loss with retarded TD Ameritrade. Im thinking about switching to Interactive broker or someone with per share commissions.

  14. I took it the same way. i was choosing if i was even going to trade today, made 13$ on GENE and got out for the day.🖤

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