Gold price analysis, 10 May 2019


  1. Great video. Just about the fib you drew aiming at the 71.8 for Dxy. I also see that it tried to hold above 61.8 when you drew the fib level but failed to hold I think. Can you confirm.

  2. Are traders who are trading EUR/USD, JPY/USD etc doing their technical analysis on the USD Index? If not, can you rely on moving averages, triangles, resistance levels etc on the USD Index chart?

  3. I donot think usd has that strength to go that far! because it went down with good economical news

  4. Thank you again – very interesting. I believe gold will at least hit the $1220s, and as has been said before – $1400 before Xmas.

  5. USD strength is far from over – and Gold is going sub $1000 IMO. Looking at short term charts it's hard to believe I know, but when Gold slips below $1200 people will run for the hills, and Gold will crash. Long term $1000 Gold actually isn't that far from possibility.

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