Lagging Indicators In Forex (Podcast Episode 46)


  1. I've corresponded with you a lot on youtube, but i just submitted my first (and only) "ask VP."

  2. VP is the only anonymous man I will ever love, just closed a 1028 pip trade on the GBPJPY today. Thanks to your advice I stayed patient and did not react when it went into the red because my lagging indicators told me the trend was still going in my direction. Big love from Belgium!

  3. heye u d best.u took the time to make people like us succeed in forex. which seems impossible before…go right ahead….Block That shit!

  4. hey, what platform do you use, or do you use more than one. I've been using Ctrader, but there isn't a whole lot of indicators compared to mt4.

  5. VP God Bless you! I never ask a question because I respect you time! you already give us so much.

  6. I think your a smart man vp I've been trading fx for years and seen the bad and best of trading but as a professional trader to another why do you use indicators to trade it's not reliable and if you make money from this your lucky pretty much all indicators don't work but most of what you said in your video I agree with

  7. If you Google leading indicators RSI comes up everywhere and it says it's a leading indicator. WRONG , all technical indicators like RSI that calculate past price in different random ways are all lagging. They put PAST price in some kind of formula. The ISM's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, for example, is a LEADING indicator.

  8. Are you licensed and get a set salary from a company for trading and managing someone elses funds? Because other wise you are actually not a professional* trader.

  9. Yeah! If our indicators were properly back-tested in the first place, there would be no need to concern ourselves with leading indicators in the first place. Thank you, VP!

  10. VP has given you enough info to filter out a lot/ton of crap. I never asked a question but always cross reference, that's the point.
    We have the Midas touch here people, you need to invest in yourself.

  11. Couldn't agree more with you VP. Being intolerant with 'stupidity' is not a bad quality. You are in another level,I admire you for that ,you have the patience that most here will never have.
    And for those who still want to take any advantage from VP ,please STOP!!He does for us what no one does already. Be thankful and stop being lazy.
    The answer is in his podcasts,just search and you will find.
    Thank you very much VP for all your awesome free content.

  12. VP is tired of u dumbasses and so are we!! Do you need him to wipe your ass for you too?? What could possibly be left to ask? put in some effort and figure it out, take that stupidity elsewhere like to the crpto market or somethin, we use our brains here lol!!

  13. I only hope we talking about “Question part”, not the whole thing …. I don’t bother that much about questions anyway, rather work it out myself… close that section only pls… keep the good work with other bits… thx bro

  14. I know I said it before VP, but Thank you very much!!!👍🏾. I wasted so much money on education of forex which was bullshit, but hey we all have start somewhere. But you really made a difference.

  15. One of the best things to learn in being successful in anything with life is to set and respect other people’s boundaries… sometimes u dig ur own hole, and that’s why you lose… get it together and answer some of your own questions or go to discord

  16. Watching VP’s indicator/psyc videos: Great. Listening to VP ventilate his frustrations in an 11 minute continous rant: Priceless.

  17. VP u are a man's man! amazing content that u really don't have to do. i appreciate u so much

  18. I couldn’t agree with you more VP.

    The ever-raging war of the few “go-getting” folks that are ceaselessly self-refining their personal art of auto-didacticism, versus the mass crowd of still bottle-fed, arrested developed slugs.

  19. I remember when I used my one question without knowing much of what was going on. I was so naive and probably asked just out of my excitement. Now I have a lot of questions that I think are way more relevant than the one I asked before.

  20. Thank you for your valuable time sir. I think we need to trust our own ideas and intelligence and stop looking for strenght, wisdom, power or approval from outside of ourselves. This keeps the questions and level of trading on point.

  21. Aww.. All good things come to an end, they say. But I totally understand. Thanks for all your effort & guidance, I feel safe learning from you. Looking forward to a new lesson this Thursday 🙂

  22. Leading indicators good for exist. Thanks bro
    Can I suggest the fellow traders when backtesting to make a circle when you hit a cluster of bad luck of how many straight trades you lost . It is a great tip in managing expectations! Thanks Vp massive rispect always!

  23. If you have watched this video and you STILL want to ask VP additional questions this video is perfect for you.

  24. Good I'm glad….certainly at this point you either get it or you don't. Good for you VP!

  25. Thank you VP for valuable content i learned a lot like sentiments and such doing purty gud at scalping a hundy here a d there on the demo platform, sorry to see you go :"(

  26. I know it’s hard, Market is crashing. Still found time to listen to our buddy VP in Sin city.

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