LIVE Bitcoin Accepted By EBAY?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


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  2. Can somebody help me please. Here my btc address: 38zx8ii69wy2z44nJXZjYMpePEj3fpe1y2

  3. Mr Krown . . Luv ur attitude . funny guy . :::::: 36 Millionaires in the world ::::: less than 21 Million BTC .. you work it out .

  4. Hey man i came across your channel, awesome! We should connect sometime, I am looking for a crypto dude lol

  5. Krown, so many people are asking you about the bottom. When I listen to you it sounds like you get really cautious and I understand why as a lot of your viewers put all their trust in you with your TA, but Who gives a shit if the bottom is in or not. TA is not about catching the bottoms or the tops.

  6. Do you have an Idea where beginners can get good bitmex signals for free? 🙂 Greetings from Switzerland!!

  7. If anyone start accepting crypto I bet the crypto community will be left with a slack cock, as they only will be accepting a stablecoin of some sort. Not any volatile shitcoin. At least not yet.

  8. Is it best to transfer my BTC position into a stable coin when $8000 breaks and wait for a big drop to the $6500 region? How long would that take to happen?

  9. Can i ask Krown is the Wookalich NVT still worth watching ( as it is super high but not crossed below its MA ) or is it redundant now ?

  10. oh my fooking coock that elastos autistic rant needs to be adapted as a Broadway musical my fooking man golden AF

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