1. Ricky!! Part of learn plan profit! Binge-watching the course, really helpful!! 👍

  2. can anyone point me to parts 1 and 2 of the house flipping videos? Thanks, just having trouble finding them.

  3. Is this home in Arizona? Did you buy the home for that price? Don't know what the deal is about concerning costs related issues , feasibility report , break even analysis , or the profit margin. Flipping and building new homes is fun and profitable if you can eliminate as many middle men as possible for a higher profit , and as you mentioned – less hassles with sub contractors and/or workers. To do this , of course , you have to know what you are doing , and as this is a learning process for you , I do wish you good luck . Flipping or remodeling , or building a new home is certainly a full time job, but if you are content with a certain amount of profit off your investment and if you don't have to put much time into it , that's good . I have been flipping homes since 1977 and building new homes as well as remodeling. I've had losses as well as great profits . Like trading – experience is a good teacher . good luck

  4. Is it cheaper to first buy a plot and the then built a house!!!!.
    Is it good for ppl living outside USA to invest in real estate there!!
    Looking for advice and suggestions!! Pls help.😁

  5. sub contractors can make or break you … highly recommend paying for a good builder…i charge 35%

  6. Any tips i will be starting in a month . But i will be doing the work myself since i have worked on construction before. Cant wait to start.

  7. Looks like Lenny is ahead of you 😉 His insta has a photo of the staged room where the fireplace is.
    Are yku goimg to share a break down of all the costs at some stage?

  8. I love seeing this update. As someone from a construction background, you may want to discuss with your partner getting better than builder grade products for future flips. With just builder grade you are missing out on potential profits.

  9. It is kind of exciting to see this unfold…
    Can’t wait to see the final product

  10. nice rickey mason hear been watching you for a bout 5 months about to buy my flip soon trading daily and opened my ecom store today

  11. Color sealing the grout will make it all look like one even surface and won't stand out as much

  12. Ricky, if you haven't already, holler at the guys over at Biggerpockets. Them dudes can get you into some serious passive income.

  13. I really enjoy the real estate videos! My favorite part about your channel for sure!

  14. No joke, your much more successful than i have been so far. Real estate is headache after headache. If your are profitable trading…focus on that. 100%

  15. What are the cost's. I would have liked to hear more about cost lost for a day of lost work. Contractor cost and arv numbers would have nice for an investor channel.

  16. I'm interested in investing in real estate but I live in Bulgaria. Any tips on how i can get started?

  17. Congrats dude! You got yourself (what sounds and looks like) a solid real estate investor! Happy for your success!

  18. Coming along nice…
    I have been in Real Estate long time
    Looks like he knows what he’s doing.
    I would have gone with beige, tan or brown instead of grey for outside. Not sure if changing the beam was necessary to square off or cost effective. Hopefully not costly.
    Staging company used is too expensive. Might make sense to buy quality used furniture, store somewhere & pay movers instead of paying $1,600 to stage with that company. Probably just be $100-$200 instead . We need to link up bro because we are now doing the same. Trading & Real Estate.
    Like minded pros need to stick together (;
    It’s all good. Your doing well. Cool video.
    Thanks. Thumbs up 👍

  19. Like the approach that you took here. Learn from someone with experience so you can later do it yourself with less issues. 👍👍

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