My Forex Struggles


  1. Hi jay..I feel encouraged anytime I see your videos..
    I want to learn forex as a skill set but there are just too much information everywhere. Can u recommend a particular step by step training ?

  2. Hey whats up Jay?You are the best forex mentor I have encountered so far,thanks bro,God bless you.

  3. Hey Bro…am inspired by your journey and your work…stay blessed Bro

  4. Hey bro. Thanks for the video. What you've experienced after getting that 2000USD account, is almost the same as what I'm feeling right now. I've been profitable for 5 weeks in a row, and I think I just blacked out. Worry that I'm gonna have a bad trading week. Thanks to your video, its always nice to talk to someone who already had that experience and always be humble with the market. Thanks for the reminder bro. God bless you

  5. I just recently turned and currently don’t have a job to fund a paid course. Who, what, or where should I be learning from?

  6. Great video! I hear a keyword screaming out at me…MENTORSHIP! That seems to have made a tremendous difference for you Jay, also the team trading. Most traders are out there trying to do it alone. It's very difficult dealing with the emotions. When I'm winning too much I go scared and begin doubting what I'm doing. When I'm losing I want to hurry and recover. I believe that Mentorship is the key takeaway for me from this video. Thank you!

  7. As a beginner I'm having a hard time reading the chart. I've gone through 2 different courses that have made me understand the theory part of Fx; But when it comes to reading the chart, its something entirely different. I go BLANK my G. BLANK!!!! Guys what should I do from here? It hurts seeing my G's killing this pips day in day out and I just can't do it.

  8. Yooooo. Your intro is fire my man. Maybe one day if everything’s goes according to plan I’ll meet you one day and we could make some music. Gotta do an extended version 🔥🔥

  9. Hey bro, I have been watching some of your videos, love the way you look at things and how you explain it.
    You bring much value and insights, thx alot and keep on doing that 💪💪

  10. I needed this, I just blew a 700 usd account. I'll recover, learn from it and continue.

  11. Glad you also mentioned how it’s very hard to do this when the world doesn’t understand what forex is. It’s an entirely new language and most times we feel alone wether we’re losing money or gaining…

    Right now what’s hard for me is I’m in a group of 2 other people that are jumping from system to system looking for money fast but have not bothered to invest in themselves like buying courses or reading valuable information, putting in the time and effort to fully understand the market. Therefore I don’t have a team but a group of gamblers lol

    I do my best to guide them with the knowledge I’ve collected overtime but if they don’t wanna listen to learn and earn then sadly I’m alone again lol

    All these stress and losses and pain during this journey is all gonna be worth it because I’m passionate and obsessed and determined to make it. I know it I can feel it

    Thanks for telling us your story bro I totally relate and glad I’m not alone

  12. its Kay from Brooklyn, N.Y. and wanting to let you know I love your video's for the inspirational value they have on me… i use your video's more to help me with my psychology in trading because you present great information on the mental aspects of trading and the effects we endure at times… unfortunately, i am not a fan of your style and strategies in trading… i am an indicator hater (as you would say)… lol… but i do not hate on the trader and/or individual, ya dig… however, i do use an RSI from time to time to locate divergences… but more or less, i wanted to hallar regarding my trading psychology… i been going through it, and always find myself in an unbelievable frenzy due to my chaotic schedule with my kids, working a job, and adjusting back to society after a long vacation i was subjected to endure (if you know what i mean)…. during my vacation i studied forex and when i touch down back to my community i started to apply what i had studied over the years…. its been a tough time for me as a trader because i have a new born son and a 10 year old son with alot of issues and situations that occur all day and every day… then i am maintaining a job and a relationship with my wife… and i feel like i still cannot get my head right to trade without my mind being clouded with issues and situations i face everyday…. and because my head is not right on a regular basis i tend to make bad trading decisions at times and my winning/loss ratio is constantly moving to a lower percentage… i just hope one day i can get my little family on the same page with my trading career so i can eventually succeed the way i want to… any words of wisdom you might have for a fellow trader who has a hectic personal life and family to take care…? it would be greatly appreciated… much respect to your success and hope you crush the markets now and forever… peace, respect, honor, and all that good stuff…

    K.P. Brooklyn keeps on keeping on….

  13. You a big inspiration bro, and thank you all the content you been putting out for all of us. I was wondering, I been studying forex for almost 4 months and still to this day, I’m still confused on where I should start and what I should be learning, is there anyway you can help give me some guidance on what I should focus on first?

  14. What’s your advice for someone who has been trading part time for 3 years and actually understands and excutes great trades but I can’t get my psychology right and discipline?

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