Self Made – The Real Forex Trader: Trading To Success


  1. there are absolutely no legit trading documentaries ( new ones ) or trading shows. this is amazing thank you Sam L. I wouldn't complain about the camera work; thats not whats important here. You should see how other forex traders make shows some underground south african one ive seen pure bullisht ( just drama ) no trading terminals . nothing. i love this show fan since first episode.

  2. Awesome, loving this, you need a big budget television deal and do this on the mainstream TV channels. Beats watching Alan sugars apprentice. Can't wait for the next episode.

  3. Damn… now another week till the next episode :,( Can't you just release them all at once!? πŸ˜›
    Too bad I just found your channel and weren't able to apply for this challenge.

  4. This challenge is absolutely brilliant! I came across it last night and have watched all 3 episodes now, can't wait for the next one! Definitely makes me want to go out and flip some stuff of my own to make some cash

  5. Thank you for audio upgrade 100% better. The episode is amazing keep up the work

  6. 3 Episodes in and still playing group games?? Stretched out and dramatized… I'll be back next week and maybe there will actually be FOREX and TRADING, or at least development of skills to TRADE. This is a tragic start to a potentially good series.

  7. samuel u done will in this video I liked ur idea u preparing them to build there view on the financial market keep continue

  8. I noticed that the S9 challenge was Fri 8th Feb but still had the Antminers on the 9th, they should have checked Btc/Usd and plugged in the s9's : ) MOON.. Great Episode BTW

  9. Genuinely brilliant this! Beats the apprentice hands down. Get this on tv, get this the coverage it deserves

  10. This video was a waste of time nothing to do with trading at all. To be fair the last ones were very good though.

  11. fairplay to the guy that was donating to charity, hope he gets rewarded for his actions πŸ™‚

  12. this show is pretty damn good its honestly a nice change from other content could do with better camera and vod optimisation but to be honest its far from a big deal with the realism you get from this.

  13. while waiting for this I made Β£287 on CSCO at 52.450 closing at 53.97. I think im going to celebrate tbh

  14. good timing! just came from work, got some real material to watch while i eat ahah! πŸ˜€

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