Today’s STOCK MARKET, BOND & GOLD TRENDS, Friday, May 10, 2019


  1. I cant thank u enough, amazing content giving it for free. Really appreciate it. I have been using it on other etfs works great. Right now, weekly vertical crossover about to happen tomorrow close on YINN (chinese 3x etf) Im gonna short it or buy YANG (opposite of YINN) after 4 hr pull back.

  2. Really really great system… I've started using it, did my first profit take following these rules today… in and out over 3 weeks… worked great… thank you for the time you take it make the info happen

  3. I have seen mechanical systems like this for swing trades. However this seems to be one of the best and easy to follow for the people who are dedicated.

  4. A suggestion would be to talk about the more then 10% gains. Without options this method can produce YTD!!! I'm embarrassed about my returns vs just. Listening and getting in and out in an organized manner. My method was 4x the effort and sleepless nights for lower results. Ugh lesson learned.

    Thank you!!!

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