You Want to Become a Forex Millionaire Easily?


  1. I love your straight, bold talk! Have seen several videos now, best advise yet, you want to see more doing and less pointless planning and theorizing! Thanks Karen

  2. Although your accent is little hard to understand for me… A few rewinds make me understand lol… You are Amazing <3

  3. Super cool video Karen, getting inspired by your ideology and discipline everyday… Working on a musical song on Markets, will share the link soon

  4. Please ma I want to ask one question very important them just requested for my documents is it really good for me to send my documents to them please answer me thanks

  5. I almost gave up coz I don't get it, the more I research the more I'm confused. The people offering mentorship ask for huge chunk of money that i even can't afford. But it's awesome that you help people out mostly for free. I applaud you 👏👏👏
    I got a call from a broker and I was informed that I can start trading with just 100 USD. Is this advisable?

  6. To Be a Guru, Which is a Sanskrit word. Gu, meaning darkness & Ru meaning light. You are doing well in both these hemispheres Karen! Keep up the good work!!

  7. I rather someone be real and honest while creating result for other rather than someone sugarcoat for nothing. Thanks Karen

  8. i just recently found you on youtube and enjoy the content im 51 now one thing i learned is no good deed goes unpunished try not to get annoyed its a waste of energy.

  9. KAREN FOO is a legend. Keeping it real. How many hours work do you do a day and how much sleep do you get per night on average? If you don't mind me asking. thanks in advance.

  10. Shit video just bigging yourself up and moaning. How about some useful information instead of click bait

  11. Cant wait to get my own haters so i get more motivation 😀 Sound like you got bad day 😐 Or you read again this same boring message.

  12. Karen Foo : you are like a younger sister, I give you an advice that great people don't react and they just ignore.
    I know you are honest person that's why you always react but be great.

  13. Got you madam, I agree with you that Forez isn't easy.. You need to dedicate your 90% time to become successful..

    Thanks, I hot something from here. Appreciate you..

  14. Dear really I love your channel 😘
    I looked everywhere for the video where you talk about your Broker, could you please share with me the link?🙏

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