$5K Green Day! | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Hey Ross, what’s the avg amount that your students are making a month after graduation?

  2. Hi Why didn't ask your room profits like you have asked other day? What do you think they have made?

  3. Ross, I understand your frustration. After watching your youtube videos since February, watching several of your live classes as well as reading your free ebook. I purchased a year subscription to your Warrior Trading Chatroom and then opened a CMEG trading account with an $800 deposit. My account went active yesterday morning, I then followed you into 2 bad trades, yesterdays $BLIN and today's $CEFX trade and I blew up my account. So now my CMEG trading account is suspended because of lack of funds, I can't afford to refund it right now and I'm out $800 dollars. Obviously, I only have only myself to blame since I was the person pushing the buy button, but after reflecting on the trades I'm a bit confused why you took them since to me they didn't seem to follow your personal formula for success. Yesterdays $BLIN didn't seem to have strong news catalyst, at least not strong enough to justify it's premarket Gap. And Today, as I recall, $CEFX had no new news catalyst. I also thought you said in a previous video, that you treat circuit breaker halts like a new premarket high and that we should not buy in, if the stock pulls back, until it breaks the pre-circuit breaker price level. Today, unless I misunderstood, you bought in after $CEFX resumed, while still in the pullback, and it then it crashed. I understand being aggressive and that often taking a bigger risk means reaping a bigger reward, but it makes it a bit confusing when you seem to do what you teach us not to do. I'll get my account refunded and rebound, but that was a hard lesson to learn. Wondering if I set a new record for blowing up a new CMEG account. lol!

  4. Congrats dude!
    Been sitting on some poor options shares off some not so hot put sell from last month…
    … looking good from here forward now that some equity is available after this crude play 🙂
    Good luck boss!

  5. Ross! Solid day, CETX was tricky so nice job coming away with profit. I had a small green day to extend my streak to 15 consecutive green days in your simulator. Just curious, what is your personal record for consecutive green days? Thanks for all that you do!

  6. I’m trying to keep my share size small but I take a lot of trades to make my daily goal especially these last two days because of the market……Idk I just feel like if I adopt this way of trading commission will kill me when I go live🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Hey Ross in the beginning did you take a lot of trades to be green on the day, just wondering because I feel like I take to many trades because I don’t like to stay on one trade to long because I feel like that one of my problems of giving money back?

  8. Ross, I bought CETX and COULDN'T sell it (because of the reverse split?).. I had to call broker, wait on hold until they allowed me to sell. Have you heard of this and why do some brokers allow a purchase but not a sell after recent reverse split? Frustrating. Thanks.

  9. I was down $3200, came back in and ended in the red – $180. This week has been my best, although the metrics are jacked, I am the green!

  10. Hey, congrats on having a green day. I'm curious about your stats: what's your average holding time for a trade and what's your average stop?

  11. Was making money on cetx u til second halt.then lost trying to get out of the halt.then. added Rhun.made few bucs there but it stalled.

  12. You know I want to be happy for you making $5000 in one day..I just can't.. as I sit in my truck and cook in this Las Vegas heat 🔥

  13. Ross, these are all great strategies, but what would you recommend doing if you have a 9-5 job. It's nearly impossible for me to look at scanners and trade, particularly btwn 9-10am. Suggestions?

  14. Cool, just wanted to let you know, that I blew up all my account today and lost $1400, but going to get back a month from now, this time to be a green trader.

  15. To be aggressive or not to be aggressive… I for one can say that I usually try to take it on the wrong day to be aggressive and then play it safe and not capitalize on the right days. The halt on $CETX is an example of why you have to cut fast when it flushed. There was a second or two of opportunity to sell at a profit after the halt, and if you missed it and held until it found support you would be down -3K (or 10K if you sized up). A good reason to have a nice cushion before trading with bigger size and to cut FAST and FASTER when it goes against you. Easy to say…. simply difficult to not get caught in the headlights and freeze with indecision.

  16. Ross, Maybe Newbie here but why did CETX not get halted until 4.28? On the one minute candle it squeezed up from 2.70 till 4.58 which is a 40% move?

  17. Thank you for explaining that reason for that second halt on CETX. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why they stopped it.

  18. I didn't fare to well was down about $800..but dug myself out to only end my day -47….💸💸💸

  19. Hey Ross I've got another question for you 😉 ! Where do you sell (offset and ask or bid) because if I try to sell with an offset I rarely get filled …

  20. I profited on RUHN today! Thanks for the great videos Ross you’re much appreciated.

  21. When a u going to held a live class in Davis Ca, I will great to take part in the live class, thanks

  22. Did you catch CETX just by looking at the HOD Scanner or where you just all over it and had it up?

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