Best Day of 2019! +$21K | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Keep on killin it my friend, I’ve been following you daily for about 9 months and you never fail to inspire, thanks man.

  2. great job Ross!
    I have a question, how can you differentiate buyer from seller, like you mentioned there was a seller at that specific level just over where you added up, what tells you it is a seller and not a buyer?

    I would appreciate your answer!

  3. You made $11k profit in 2 days. Crazy how the emotions of making an even $5500 each day is completely different from losing $10k and then making $21k the next.

  4. Amazing the stock market is really that… Do you have any video talking about your life before being a trader and another talking on your way to success? I'd love to see such videos

  5. Hey Ross . Could you please tell me how you manage your stoploss ? Because I made a stoploss of 20 cent in JAGX .and every time it hits my stoploss(about 3 times) because of volatility . I'm red bacause of that .I ll be thankfull if you answer my question

  6. Hi Ross. I've learned to much from you. I will become a member as soon as I can.

    I was wondering, you say you get in
    at the Apex, do you get in right at the Apex, just before it, or after it breaks? If Apex is 2.50, do you get in at 2.49, 2.50, or 2.51? thanks

  7. Told you will come back yesterday. Great job Ross. As you said, best traders are great losers

  8. Congrats Ross! You are so positive.. I like your overall demeaner… not whining and complaining at all…

  9. Made 1k trading the bounce on CPRX today. left a lot of profits on the table now that i go back and see the chart but oh well…

  10. I had my second job interview ever today and missed trading, but it was worth it, they took me yayyy !!! 😀

  11. Made $2260 in the simulator trading JAGX with only 2000 shares. Got in with the first pullback a little late but still made over a dollar a share. Sold early but I’m ok with that! One day I’ll be confident enough to start a small account.

  12. I'm always getting inspired watching recaps. You know what I'm saying if you are in the Market

  13. While I made 350 loss on $JAGX although I had pretty good entry before it took off, but I didn't remember to adjust the stop-loss from my default. Live and learn. What a shit day.

  14. JAGX was very very good to me today too! In and out on limit orders all within a 15 min timeframe.

  15. I usually don’t watch your morning WL streams but I like seeing your recaps, just to see where my trades differ from yours. Today we traded the same stocks, at the same time for the same strategy. Love to see that brother!!

  16. Rip the people who used market orders to sell jagex in the 2nd spike, dropped faster than i can blink.

  17. I'm having hard time going long on such spikes, if shorting is available, I prefer to short during extreme spikes, instead of going long and being trapped… After short squeeze is eased, it usually pulls back for some time, then I cover…

  18. Been subscribed to you sub 50k. I will soon have enough £ to buy your course. Through my ups and downs of saving, bills and life in general your content has been consistent and encouraging to continue the dream of financial freedom. Thanks dude!

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