Can random trades beat technical and fundamental analysis?


  1. Risk Management

    Risk = 2% of account And 1.5ATR.

    1: Define the ATR number using the 20 Period ATR indicator
    2: Use 3 ATR for % risk

    2: Use 1.5 ATR for Stop Loss

    3: Use 5 ATR for Take Profit

    EURUSD Entry Sell price 11174 and 20 Period ATR indicator say its 62
    2% of £10000 = £200
    SL ATR20*ATR 1.5 = 62*1.5=93 pips
    TP ATR20*ATR 5 = 62*5=310
    Randomly trading can be done but i would not recommend it as you probably loss more then you would win Even with good Money management with CPI GDP NFP Interest Rates News you diffidently would just get eaten alive and the account down to zero very fast .. unless you have very fast algo super computer

  2. Interesting testing indeed but being randomized will eventually make a series of losses in a row that will blow your account, is just a matter of time like flipping heads 50 times in a row, highly unlikely but flip a coin enough times and it certainly will happen. But great work and outside of the box thinking

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