Euro / New Zealand Technical Analysis (EUR/NZD) : Big Wave Surfing… [06.13.2019]


  1. Sir, when I study the chart from 1960 at fxtop I even see, that the larger correction could have ended and we are in a new uptrend.
    (C of a zigzag).
    Thanx Sam

  2. I've been absolutely killing it in FX man. Crypto turned to Crapto in about a week, and thanks again for the recommendation. The resounding words, "you make more by not touching the god damn mouse" has proven itself true. I've made leaps and bounds forward. It's nice having options and the monumental moment in this new journey was telling work to ram a semi truck up its ass. That's finally happened this week. Looking forward to doing things I feel like doing, even if I want to eat frosted flakes and watching Looney Tunes like a kid in the morning with a Heineken, if I so choose. It's more important than what "they" want. Life's GOOD!!! That was the best 200 bucks I've ever spent!!! Cheers

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