Strategy I Use To Make $100 per day in The Forex Market || How To Make $100/day


  1. I would like you to be my mentor.. do you have any social media I can get hold of you

  2. Wonderful bro, but u not saying much about the strategy. Can u share it or maybe share ur mentor's details or something? We need to get moving bro, no time to wait for another video to come out. Share share share. Name the price buddy

  3. I am currently learning the same strategy, and I am coming to join your group for the 3month course, to cement what I learned. I need your kind of mentorship bro, you are so humble and honest about your work…that's a rare quality. Who knows, maybe one day we will work together.

  4. do you even breathe? ………slow down. speak OUT . no One is pointing a GUN to your FACE. bro!

  5. Bro, ever thought about account management and take some percentage on profit your team make?

  6. One of the Coolest Traders I've ever came across. I see we got the same Bull

  7. Thanks for the video it really motivated me. So will you post other videos about how do I use the strategy.

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